Leafs Postgame – Leafs Lose Seventh Straight in a Real Snoozer

Every week, all of the TLN writers call dibs on which pregame and postgame posts they’d like to write. For some reason, I told my friends and colleagues that I’d take tonight’s postgame. Why? Why did I do that?

New Jersey is one of those teams that bores me to tears. By the third period of Devils games, sports bars across the city start brewing fresh pots of coffee to help keep everyone awake. Maybe it’s because the Devils play a tight, defensive system. Or maybe it’s because New Jersey is just as much a retirement community as it is a hockey team.

Either way, this is why it’s so exponentially more frustrating to watch the Leafs lose to them, for their seventh straight loss, in a shoot out, by a score of 2-1. God, that’s annoying.

The Rundown

Not a whole lot happened, but there were two story lines that carried throughout the game. 

First, and most impressive, was the goaltending. Cory Schneider faced 30 shots and stopped 29 of them for the win, while Jonathan Bernier faced 23 and stopped 22. Both goalies, while not all that busy, made some excellent saves to keep the game close through three periods and an overtime. And I refuse to lay any blame on Bernier for losing in the shootout, because it’s a crapshoot at best, and holy moly was that Patrick Elias fake shot-to-the-backhand move a thing of beauty.

Second, was the powerplay, with both teams failing miserably on the man advantage. Despite five PP opportunities for the Leafs, and three for the Devils, regulation finished in a 1-1 tie with both goals coming at even strength. I know these aren’t the most prolific offences in the league at the moment, but damn.

It wasn’t even until the third period before James van Riemsdyk opened the scoring with a nice breakaway deke that slipped under Schneider’s pad. Adam Larsson would tie it up on a nice wrister from the point just six minutes later, and with less than three minutes remaining in the game. A pretty quiet overtime would solve nothing, while Jacob Josefson and the aforementioned Elias would put two past Bernier in the shoot out while neither Mike Santorelli or Tyler Bozak would be able to solve Schneider.

Blue Warrior 

I’m going to give it to JVR, who was not only the Leafs’ only goal scorer, but also led the team with a whopping eight shots. That means van Riemsdyk was responsible for over 25% of Toronto’s shots. Beastly.

Come Back Tomorrow

The Leafs are back at it tomorrow night, hosting the Arizona Coyotes at the ACC. Tune in to TSN4 at 7:30pm EST. 

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  • Justin look at the positives man. The leafs are curing millions of insomiacs. Now you could have been a winner and watched a winning team namely the Raptors. You would have been entertained rather than watching the red sox versus the blue sox in the dryer go around and around for an hour.

    The Devils and leafs once again proved they deserve each other. Anyone who is watching this club score a goal a game average for the past couple of weeks must be a true masochist.

    Oh wait a minute I’m sorry this is the new style, the new leafs, the winners of Corsi and Fenwick and Airwick spray. Yeahhhh that’s it. Lord give me strength.

    • CMpuck

      I don’t know why you constantly post replies to this site if you hate both the opinion of every writer and any mention of analytics. It’s been months and I’ve never once seen you add to any discussion or post anything other than a 50+ word complaint about the Leafs, LeafsNation.com, or the people who visit it. If you can’t stand watching the Leafs and don’t understand what people are talking about with advanced stats, why do you take the time out of your day, come here and post every week? Why DON’T you watch the Raptors? Honest question.

      • CMpuck

        Lol, this website is the only place not demanding a rebuild yet the majority of the posters on this site treat the Tank Nation voice as if we’re a fringe voice.

        But I for one am very happy with this shift to advanced stats and the new system because now the Leafs are officially inept.

        Funny that Randy was your scapegoat yet the Leafs were significantly more competitive with him behind the bench.

        Now hit thumbs down and continue to ignore reality cause theory > practice….

        Rielly looked amazeballs last night, more top five picks please.

        • Jeremy Ian

          Really, you think this site’s authors and posters don’t want to see major overhauls? But if you mean tank as in deliberately aim for the bottom to maximize your (qualified) chances at McDavid, then do some math: there is almost no way to catch Buffalo or Edmonton, statistically, without felonious acts.

          We are on track for your top five, not to worry. And since some of the veteran pieces will be shipped out for more picks of 2nd and 3rd rounders, all is on pace for an active draft day for the Leafs. Strome, Barzal, and Konecny are within striking distance now.

          Just because things are bleak now doesn’t mean we all have to come down with amnesia and forget the horrid record under Carlyle. Are you really suggesting we were on some track to success before Jan 6th?

          • CMpuck

            McDavid should have been the target from day one, we’ll all knew this is what the Leafs would be, dismantling should have started at the draft. We had a JVR and 8th chance at Ekblad, shame on Nonis.

            All I read on this site is how great Kadri and Cody are, especially in the comments. This will suck forever with nothing pieces like them.

            Wanting overhaul? Until actual overhaul is suggested right?

            Don’t get McDavid this year, then tank next year ect… until you get that home run pick to build around.

            Bet you’d sign up for the just have Strome and Nylander so we have the Kadri/Schenn rebuild revisited.

          • CMpuck

            Lol, pretend you don’t understand what a rebuild entails, now say Edmonton and ignore teams like Chicago, Pittsburgh, LA, or every other team that is good….

          • CMpuck

            a young jvr not even in his prime yet & possibly giving up nylander for ekblad? no thanks. ekblad will be a star but we have rielly. enoigh with giving up high draft picks who end up biting us in the ass. ekblad may not even perform in toronto the way he’s performing in florida. he has brian Campbell as a defence partner. who would he have here? phaneuf? Campbell is better than phaneuf. not to mention the overhype in toronto. knowing the leafs, we would kill his career before it even started.

    • Jeremy Ian

      I agree with Tambles. Why do you bother, if you don’t like the team, you don’t like the site, and you don’t like the discussion? If you are trying to spread your gloom around, thanks. It’s in such low supply.

      Personally, I thought the game was OK. It lacked structure on both sides, but the Leafs carried the play, kept the number of times they got hemmed into their zone to a minimum. Coachability. But watching three Leafs line up into the shooting lane to screen — I mean block — Larsson’s shot was painful.

      Nice to see Holland back. That line with Winnik and Santo could be a weapon.

      Please fix the power play! It’s what cost the game, frankly. When one sixth of the game is played with a man advantage, it’s a game you have to win.

      Man, Jagr is still impressive to watch.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I do blame the shootout loss of Bernier. The Josefson move was pretty tricky but the Elias move was a standard leg kick fake shot to the backhand and Bernier ended up so far out of his net that Elias didn’t even have to aim the backhand, he just had to hit the net. People use that move all the time and Bernier bit HARD. It’s his fault. He was good for the rest of the game. The one goal scored against him was due to ridiculously bad defense. Also, why not put JVR in for the shootout to be one of the first shooters. He is a killer on the breakaway and should probably be first shooter instead of Santorelli. I think that was a poor choice by Horacheck.