Justin and Jeffler Pick Their All-Star Teams

With the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft a day away, both myself and Jeff decided to do a fun exercise in which we’d select our own All-Star teams. But then Bobby Cappuccino showed up and decided to crap all over our selections, which is just so typical of him.

Note… We followed the 2011 Fantasy Draft rules… Each team needed to draft three goalies by Round 10, and six defenceman by Round 15. Jeff was assigned Team Foligno, so he began with Nick Foligno, Patrick Kane and Drew Doughty as team captains. I was assigned Team Toews, and began the draft with Jonathan Toews, Rick Nash and Ryan Getzlaf as my captains. Also, we picked these teams before half the roster called in sick and/or injured.

Check out our Fantasy Draft below, and let us know who picked the better team in the comments section.

The Draft

1. Team Jeffler selects Sidney Crosby

2. Team Justin selects Tyler Seguin

3. Team Jeffler selects Alex Ovechkin

4. Team Justin selects Steven Stamkos

Jeffler Says: I mean, if you get the opportunity to get the two highest profile players on the planet on the same line together in their primes you have to take it, right? Combine them with Patrick Wing on the right wing and this is probably the best line assembled in the NHL, Olympics, or any other event in decades.

Justin Says: I got the league’s top goal scorer. And then I got Stamkos. Yeah, Jeff got Crosby and Ovechkin, but this isn’t 2007. Grow up.

Bobby Says: Each team takes one of the funnest players to watch (Seguin and Ovechkin), but Jeff loses points for taking a Russian so early on. You going to risk one of your top picks bolting for the KHL mid-All Star Game?

5. Team Jeffler selects John Tavares

6. Team Justin selects Evgeni Malkin

7. Team Jeffler selects Phil Kessel

8. Team Justin selects Carey Price

Jeffler Says: Leafs fans want a first line centre to play with Phil Kessel. Leafs fans want John Tavares. John Tavares will play with Phil Kessel. Just for a day, but he willl.

Justin Says: Ok, I admit… I wanted Kessel. I should have known that Jeff would take him early, since he’s such a homer. Still, pretty happy with Gino and the best goaltender available. As you know, goaltenders are very important in All-Star games and always put forth their best efforts.

Bobby Says: Justin does Jeff a favour and evens up the Russian (non) factor. Jeff already loses because you can’t win with Phil Kessel. At least coaching doesn’t really happen at the All Star Game. Maybe Kessel has value after all.

9. Team Jeffler selects Sergei Bobrovsky

10. Team Justin selects Mark Giordano

11. Team Jeffler selects Roberto Luongo

12. Team Justin selects Corey Crawford

Jeffler Says: I picked Bobrovsky because I needed to round up the Columbus boys as much as possible, being Team Foligno and all. Luongo seems like he has the personality to do a mic-d up in-game interview and not get distracted, which is important. He will also run our social media #brand for several hours.

Justin Says: So, I get future Norris Trophy winner Giordano and a goaltender who isn’t going to pull a hammie a couple days before the big game? Cool.

Bobby Says: These four picks are bad. Why are you taking goalies so early and why are none of them Jonathan Bernier?

13. Team Jeffler selects Duncan Keith

14. Team Justin selects Claude Giroux

15. Team Jeffler selects Ryan Johansen

16. Team Justin selects Jaroslav Halak

Jeffler Says: Johansen is another Jacket. They have the biggest incentive to give a crap in this game. Keith knows how to play with Kaner. Gotta get as many of those voted in Hawks as possible for chemistry reasons.

Justin Says: I’m going to win all of the faceoffs, obviously.

Bobby Says: Giroux is +6. Johansen is -12. Giroux’s faceoff percentage is 55.6%. Johansen’s is 51.3%. Nuff said.

17. Team Jeffler selects Dustin Byfuglien

18. Team Justin selects Shea Weber

19. Team Jeffler selects Marc-Andre Fleury

20. Team Justin selects Brent Burns

Jeffler Says: I wanted someone who had Chemistry with Keith, but still had offensive ability. It was too early to pick Seabrook, but why not Byfuglien? He’s got offensive inclinations and a booming shot, and played with Keith in the past.

Justin Says: I pick two defencemen who are actually in shape. 

Bobby Says: Starts with Dough(t)y, then takes Kessel. Now Byfuglien. Jeff knows this isn’t a competition right? Next he’s going to take Takeru Kobayashi, isn’t he?

21. Team Jeffler selects Ryan Suter

22. Team Justin selects Oliver Ekman-Larsson

23. Team Jeffler selects Vladimir Tarasenko

24. Team Justin selects Kevin Shattenkirk

Jeffler Says: Suter just about rounds out the defence and Tarasenko gets the Corsi up. In a game that will probably end at about 163-140 in shot attempts, that’s big.

Justin Says: Jeff takes Ryan Suter before OEL and Shattenkirk? God, this is too easy.

Bobby Says: Jeff takes the only Russian worth his salt. Playing for the Blues basically makes you a North American.

25. Team Jeffler selects Anze Kopitar

26. Team Justin selects Jakub Voracek

27. Team Jeffler selects Justin Faulk

28. Team Justin selects Erik Johnson

Jeffler Says: Uh… Faulk just about rounds out the defence and Kopitar gets the Corsi up. In a game that will probably end at about 163-140 in shot attempts, that’s big.


Bobby Says: A bunch of soft non-Canadians. What a waste of four picks. 

29. Team Jeffler selects Brent Seabrook 

30. Team Justin selects Erik Johnson

31. Team Jeffler selects Patrice Bergeron

32. Team Justin selects Bobby Ryan

Jeffler Says: (Jeff was so embarrassed by these picks he didn’t even provide his thoughts.)

Justin Says: The second-last round is the most boring. All the big guys are gone and we’re not yet in last-pick-overall territory. I don’t blame Jeff for not writing anything for this round.

Bobby Says: Jeffler dominates these four picks. He finally addresses his team’s biggest need because of taking Kessel and Ovi: compete. His team will actually win some faceoffs and hit people, which is the entire point of this game anyways.

33. Team Jeffler selects Radim Vrbata

34. Team Justin selects Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

35. Team Jeffler selects Patrick Elias

36. Team Justin selects Zemgus Girgensons

Jeffler Says: Vrbata is proving that he can be a magical player with great linemates, and Patrick Elias will tell cool stories to the kids. You can’t be against this.

Justin Says: NUGE! ZEMGUS! Not only do I have Oilers Nation on my side, but also all of Latvia. I can’t lose.

Bobby Says: RNH got injured when Justin picked him. But Justin made up for picking a toothpick when he picked the most complete player in the draft with his last pick. At least someone will go to the dirty areas.

But seriously though, where is Tyler Bozak?

Jeffler’s Lineup

Ovechkin – Crosby – Kane 

Tarasenko – Tavares – Kessel 

Bergeron – Kopitar – Vrbata 

Foligno – Johansen – Elias 

Keith – Byfuglien

Suter – Doughty

Faulk – Seabrook




Justin’s Lineup

Malkin – Toews – Seguin

Nash – Stamkos – T. Johnson

Nugent-Hopkins – Getzlaf – Ryan

Girgensons – Giroux – Voracek

Giordano – Burns

Ekman-Larsson – Weber

Shattenkirk – E. Johnson




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