LFR8 – Game 48 – Trys Hard – Tor 3, Ott 4

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 1.13.00 PM

Well hey, they scored a few times. Still – YELLING!

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  • Benjamin

    What is happening right now is the conclusion of what I’ve been saying since I’m commenting on this website.

    The Leafs are the jokiest and most unrespectful organization in probably all of pro sports in Occident.

    Their 3rd and 4th line is filled with garbage or overpaid (or both) players that nobody wants, they haven’t been able to hit a home run (and actually keep it) at the draft since James Reimer (and that’s saying alot about «Home Run»), there’s only about 4 or 5 players in this team that come from the farm, and 2 of them are garbage material, the good first picks the leafs have had resulted in trading Steen, Rask, Seguin…

    And on top of that, they suck this year and they’ve salary cap issues ! They won’t even be able to sign one of Franson, Kadri or Bernier!

    If I was the Shanahan of the Maple Leafs (instead of writing this during working hours), here’s what I would do.

    First, FIRE everybody affiliated with the drafting, scouting or developing the young guns. Too many years this group has failed, it’s time to take some action.

    Second, I’m flying to California and double pay the scouts of the three California teams who make Home Runs year after year (Perry, Toffoli, Pavelski, Hertl, Andersen, Vatanen and on and on).

    I don’t care how much money they want, we have the cash for X sake, let’s give them gold!

    Second, I trade or don’t resign everybody except : Rielly, Bernier, JVR, Gardiner, Kadri, Komarov and Percy (and obviously the little swede boy).

    The rest, good riddance, I’ll even keep up to 2 M$ on the salary of Clarkson if it helps. I acquire as many draft picks as I can.

    I tank, and I tank so bad that this team won’t see the sunlight for 3 to 5 years. And I mean for real, no 10-12th place material just to give the fans some hope. No no, 16th place and a top 3 picks for 3 years, just like the Blackhawks or the Kings used to.

    But let’s stop dreaming here and come back to reality.

    Today, the Leafs suck, won’t make the playoffs, have huge salary cap issues and have NO chances of getting McDavid or Eichel since Buffalo loses even more than them.

    And this will go on and on for another 10 years with the approbation of everybody, from top to bottom.

    Because every summer will be the same story, juste like I saw last summer on this very website : «Hey we have depth this year, we can do it, we can make the playoffs with this roster, Winnik has great possession number, no other team wants him but that’s because they’re dumb, they haven’t seen his numbers!»

    And it will be the same all over again and you know what, I ain’t even mad at you, you love your team so bad you want it to succeed, and I respect that.

    But rest assured everybody, the money will still flow in Leafs land.

      • Benjamin

        Great argument there buddy, full of reason and explanation. I would hope you guys trashing me would give some arguments, but I forgot I’m talking to dummy, blind folks who are so in love with their team they’ve forgotten to criticize it.

        Oh no of course, you wanted the coach out of town, that’s innovative, I admit he has so many things to be blamed on, like the poor drafting, the poor scouting or the past few terrible trades that happened.

        By the way, I hope Tim Gleason has sent a Merry Christmas card to Dave Nonis.

        • Benjamin

          Fine, in more detail:

          Fire every scout? No. They’ve done just fine with what they’ve been given. But stop trading away prospects and picks for essentially nothing. See: 17 (edit: 23) games of Bolland for a 2nd and two 4ths, or (shudders) Raycroft for Rask.

          Fire everyone involved in player development? No. See: Hunter, hired this season.

          Burn it to the ground? No. Green light Nonis to trade the expiring UFA contracts for picks and prospects over the next couple weeks. Fire Nonis in the off-season and let the new guy see what he can do with the bigger contracts.

          The complete teardown you are suggesting is unrealistic, a waste of assets, and just as likely to end in the Atlanta Thrashers 2.0 as it is to end in the Chicago Blackhawks 2.0. Especially if you fire the entire scouting and player development team for no reason. Re-tool and adjust your sights to ~3 years down the road.

          • Benjamin

            Ok for Hunter, but the scouts have done just fine with what they’ve been given?

            2001 : 12 picks, only Colaiacovo (1st round) still plays in the NHL (10 games).

            2002 : Steen (1st round), Stajan (27th overall) and Ian White (6th round). Pretty good I give you that, but just like I said, NONE are playing with the Leafs.

            2003 : john Mitchell (5th round), doesn’t play with the Leafs.

            2004 : 7 picks, all busts.

            2005 : Tuukka Rask (1st round), Strachan (7th round). hey, not bad! NONE are playing with the Leafs.

            2006 : Great year. Tlusty (1st round), Kulemin (2nd), Reimer (4th), Holzer (4th), Stallberg (6th). Only Reimer still plays with the Leafs, sorry but Holzer is an AHLer, he doesn’t count.

            2007 : No 1st and 2nd draft picks (good job). Frattin (4th round), Gunnarsson (7th round). Only Frattin «plays» with the Leafs, despite being traded to LA.

            2008 : Schenn (1st), Hayes (2nd). None still plays with the Leafs.

            2009 : Kadri (1st), D’Amigo (6th). D’Amigo AHLer, Kadri 7th overall pick, not a home run.

            2010 : Nobody.

            So what do we see here? just like I said. First, no significant Home Run worth of a Pavelski, a Vatanen, a Gallagher, a Palat, a Gaudreau, a Toffoli, a Bonino, a Jamie Benn, a Subban, a Perry, etc.

            Second, a management that has done such a poor job trading away draft picks and prospects.

            lastly, you recommend to do just like me, you trade away the UFAs and you wait for the summer to get rid of the big contracts. In clear, you want everybody out of this team except those I mentioned above.

          • Rod

            As I told you Objective these fools can’t handle the truth. As I’ve stated numerous times the old boys net work of scouts are still there despite being the architects of disaster. Oh sure some of the picks and actual draft picks have been dealt off but in general the drafting has been terrible.

            M.L.S.E. board of blue suits and bean counters like the clown Jerry Jones of the Cowboys make the on ice decisions. They have decided that for window dressing Mark Hunter would be brought in but they keep the architects of disaster, Dave Morrison, Mike Penny and Tom Watt and others.

            Objective understand that most of these posters go to bed with their leaf pyjamas on, a Carleton teddy bear. They have zero comprehension about winning. All they have seen is basically losing. So naturally they are LOSERS.

            Keep posting objective but remember you are posting to a brick wall.

    • jasken

      First they dont have a problem developing players Steen, Boyes, Stralman, Gunnarsson to name a few. Their problem is in their getting traded before hand. That’s not scouts fault they do their job properly. That’s management not using what is given to them properly.

      So your going to fire people who go out there tell you this player or that player will make it to NHL and be solid players. You ignore this fact traded those picks away and then blame the scouts intelligence at its best.

      Then you got your developing of players they tell you these players wont be NHL ready for another few years. You want the ready now trade them blame development they succeeded a few years down the road somewhere else because GMs refuse to listen and do what needed to be done.

      You are the type of person that would fire a mechanic after he tells you to leave your car in the shop it still needs work. You ignore them and drive it out and then get mad that the engine falls out onto the ground for your stupidity of not listening.

    • jasken

      A brilliant posting. You try to tell the truth, but you get trashed nine times. Here is the problem, most leaf fans can’t comprehend what you wrote. They genetically are programmed for mediocrity. They have been fed it for 48 years and it seems most in here just think a little tinkering here, a little scotch tape over, a paper clip here and presto the leafs are playoff bound

      And we all know when you make the playoffs anything can happen. As you sooo eloquently the leafs literally have to totally tank for three or four years. Finally, finally some people are cluing in that this organization SUCKS from top to bottom. It has to be blown up and from the ruins the leafs can start over and hope that they get it right.

  • Benjamin

    Steve, I’m with ya. I’ll stick around and watch your videos because watching this team – I can’t do it anymore. Call me a bandwagon fan for saying this, but: there’s something called life out there and I, as well as others, have to at least live it to the fullest.

  • jasken

    Now steve nice video

    lets address Horachek, and Carlyle scratching their heads together saying I just dont understand this we are actually finding ways to beat ourselves. Now Kessel not only misses the by 5ft, “FIVE FEET” his quality scoring chance he might of had gets negated because he couldn’t even hit within that 4 by 4 frame. He ends up with a missed shot period, there is no do over there is oh well maybe if he had of. Coulda shoulda woulda it didn’t happen so ends discussion.

    To point out Bozak never even had time to get into play the puck was in net but of course that’s against him on all levels no matter what stat you look at. Not his fault but still counts. Clarkson didn’t just score he annoyed the heck out of Anderson distracting him enough for Kadri to slip it by.

    Now yes the defenders were soft but so was the goal considering the next shot that went to that exact location with screen Reimer makes the save quite easy. Trades its one thing to make trades you dont trade future for has been or never was. You dont trade 3 picks for any player I dont care if he is Malkin, Crosby that is just poor judgement. If someone is offering 3 pick for Kessel or 2 picks for Phaneuf you take it and say thank you get the pieces you need by doing your due diligence and drafting and developing properly.

  • Benjamin

    2010: Bad year, admitted, but Carrick still has a shot.

    2011: Percy has essentially made it, I’ll be very surprised if Leivo doesn’t.

    2012: Reilly is a stud, and none of the rest of them are write offs yet. Has the makings of a great year.

    2013: Weak start but Bibeau and Johnson have chops.

    2014: Way too early but Nylander and Valiev are having great years. Nylander was just named the best prospect outside the NHL too.

    You can throw down a bunch of misses and say ‘look Leafs suck at drafting!’ but that’s not remotely constructive. When you’re talking about the draft you need to compare yourself to your competition, the rest of the league. And by any ‘objective’ measure, say NHL games played/ draft pick, the Leafs have done just fine for themselves relative to the rest of the league. There’s been a few articles on this over the last year or so.

    And these proverbial later round ‘home runs’ you’re talking about? Every single team in the league passed on those guys, sometimes multiple times. You can’t just arbitrarily pin that on the Leafs scouting staff.