LFR8 – Game 47 – GOAL – Car 4, Tor 1

Screen shot 2015-01-19 at 11.52.36 PM

at least they scored at least they scored at least they scored at least they scored at least they scored

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    • CMpuck

      Come on!
      Go habs Go! That’s a hockey team!

      Loser a day, LOSER FOREVER TORONTO!

      1967 – 1697 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967


    • CMpuck

      Come on! YOU SCORED A GOAL! LMFAO Go habs Go! That’s a hockey team! NOT A BUNCH OF WUSS like KESSEL & PHANEUF.

      Loser a day, LOSER FOREVER TORONTO!

      1967 – 1697 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967 – 1967


  • nonikhanna

    I’m getting worried about you Stevie. So we lost. Again. Nothing new. Patience is a virtue. We have a TON of young talent on this team. If anyone thought we were going to drinknfrom the cup this year, you’re delusional. Even playoffs wasn’t guaranteed. But I think our young talent, plus Phanny And Kesselman, are going to be good to us in the future. Give Leafs a chance. Stay outta the bottle my bros. Its not as bad as it looks.

    • CMpuck

      IMO, you’re delusional Kristen. This team is flawed and mediocre, as has been the case for eons. They aren’t going anywhere. Phaneuf is what he is, our best defenceman, but barely a serviceable number 1. Kessel can produce points, but he’s not a LEADER. Kane is to Toews as Kessel is to ______. We don’t have any other great players who can lead and take the spotlight off of our soft sniper Kessel who thinks just because he can score and produce that he doesn’t even have to fight for the puck on the boards. We NEED another STAR who is ALSO a LEADER. Phaneuf is not a leader or a star, as you can see by the amount of respect E. Staal and Thornton gave him by slapping pucks right at him. This “core” isn’t worthy of being called a core.

      • TGT23

        I’ll only disagree with you on one point. The rest you are more or less right on. Which is why I simultaneously thumbs up and downed your post.

        The Phaneuf/Staal thing had nothing to do with Phaneuf as a leader or a star. He may not be either one of those things, but I find it incredibly implausible to believe that after everything that happened with Phaneuf and the Staal brothers Eric’s thought before blasting that shot was “You know, this guy is not Captain, Leader, or Star! I think I’ll prove that by shooting at him.” That was good, old fashioned anger. Nothing more. It says nothing about either player.

        Also, I think “Leader” is a ridiculous term given to players who win after they’ve started winning to explain why they win. Bolland was a “Leader” and it did him exactly nothing. Iginla was a “Leader” and I don’t see any Cup rings on his finger. Leadership is not this teams problem. Talent is.

        I think the style the Leafs played under Randy hid those flaws a little better, but not so much that it was ever going to lead to anything. I mean, they may have scored some goals the last 6 games but they’d most likely have lost them all, too. The only difference is that superhuman goaltending can’t win them games now because they can’t score.

        • 3ric

          No I agree that the shots fired at him doesn’t directly correlate to him not being a leader or a star, but it says a lot about the respect he gets, angry posting is bad posting.

          I’d assume if any of the other captains around the league did what Phaneuf did that night, that Staal likely wouldn’t be slapping that as hard as possible. Though that’s just personal speculation, and really, has no basis or proof, so I agree with your argument against me there.

  • nonikhanna

    Steve, Stevo, Sterverino, the deranged L.S.D. flash back induced crazy pontification is okay once a month. But seriously buddy that PERFROMANCE TONIGHT BY YOU WAS NOT IMPRESSIVE TO ANY BODY WITH INTELLIGENCE.
    But then again you know the market better than I do as you are doing with non mensa leaf fans.

    As I said you are making a living off the miserable, pathetic, losing leafs. How bad are they. Well Steve you obviously have a growing fan club. Most of us have friends or relatives who know we are leaf fans with our home and away jerseys neatly ironed by the better half.

    So non leaf fans must think wow, the friends and relatives must be ripping the sh!t out of that poor silly leaf fool. NO NO NO, Insted they are coming up slapping you on the back shaking your hand and going man what a tough week you lost your dog and the leaf sucks I feel for you buddy. Is there anything I can do for you. Just ask and I’ll be there.


    But guess what fellow myopic mental midget morons. THERE IS FREAKING HOPE. Carolina is 6 and 2 and 1 in recent games they will soon past the leafs and before we kow it we will be the third worst team in hockey. Now if the bum of the month club Phaneufs and Kessels keep playing their pablum puking hockey we got a real shot at McDavid or Eichel.

    Bernier just has to continue his sh!tty goal tending and this club has a real shot at getting that corner stone, that rock to build this freaking club around. Mind you most of you fools will be demanding that Nonis sign Bernier to a huge long term contract as the goalie of the future which shows you know sweet d!ck all about hockey. So for all you simpletons out there who think you are some wonderful leaf fan because you have sucked with this team for 20 years. Us sixty year fans who actually FREAKING REMEMBER STANLEY CUPS say to these bum of the month club losers TANK, TANK TANK. We want the first pick or second. There is no shame, we have no pride as it is.

  • TGT23

    There are MAYBE 8 players I’d keep on this roster next season.

    If the team wants to have any chance of being a good hockey team in 3-4 years, there are only 8 players I’d ever want to see anywhere near this team by then: Kadri, Reilly, Gardiner, Bernier, Santo, Komarov, Winnik, JVR and Panik.

    That isn’t to say these guys are going to be star forwards, #1 lockdown D-men, or whathaveyou, but these guys are guys I feel, if put into the right situation, can succeed and do great things. These are guys that, if they weren’t already on my team, I would want them on my team.

    Kadri can be a fantastic #2 C if you give him someone to play with. Someone who isn’t a china doll or David Clarkson. And I still believe JVR can be a great player. I’d like to see him and Kadri play together the rest of the season.

    Reilly will be a #1 someday I honestly believe. Gardiner is, at very least, going to be a very good 2nd D-Pairing guy but has upside to be more. Time to put him into a defensive system and teach him it. Worst case, play him on the wing or trade him. But his talent deserves more time.

    Bernier is a stud. A bad month isn’t going to change that. If people still believe Reimer and his .906% is a starter, Bernier having one disasterous month shouldn’t change his status either.

    Santo, Komo, Winnik, and Panik are all great bottom 6 players that give you great minutes and decent scoring.

    Everyone else can go. Dion, Kessel, Bozak, Franson, Robidas, Polak, Booth, Smith, Lupul, Clarkson, Frattin, Holzer, etc. They can go. They don’t have a place on this team. Not now, not in 3+ years.

    I’m not saying tank and blow it up, but be realistic. This team isn’t going to be able to win anything over the next 3 years, so start moving out players who aren’t going to be able to help you win it in 4+ years while they still have value.

    • A.Frankow

      Gardiner needs to be sent down to the AHL. Every other team would develop him to get a better IQ and experience.

      Reimer is only .906% because he only has a few games in him.. and every time he loses it’s because his offence lets him down.. .906 with only 6 wins compare to Bernier’s .915% or w.e it is currently is awesome..

      Kessel should stay because he needs a centre to play with him that can produce points. Look what he did in Boston, and the American Team. We can’t rely on Kessel has our number 1 score producer. Anywhere else like the San Jose sharks he can win them a cup…

      Everything else I agree with.

  • CMpuck

    *rubbing temples* I’m still the Thane of Winterhold, I’m still the Thane of Winterhold. Oh wait I knew this bs all year and told everyone to blow this up for the f’ing pot of gold in this draft. Thanks for catching up to reality Dangle and friends. Jeffler knew this was coming too…. I used to be straight edge you stupid Maple Leefs!

  • nonikhanna

    Anybody else hate Bernier’s mask?

    The fight has been reintroduced to Laafs games.

    The turtle race is on.Toronto presently in 10th,
    between Colorado & Minnesota.

    Three points up on Ottawa.

    Mommy needs a new top center or future top pairing defencemen!

  • A.Frankow

    I don’t know about everyone else in the Leafs nation… But I haven’t gone out of my way to watch a game in, three weeks? Sound about right? There is something truly rotten at the heart of this Hockey club. Everyone wants to dump on Kessel, Kadri or Dion. But is it just beyong the point of tainted? Has this “Core” of individuals (Constantly rotating as Steve pointed out in that delightful timeline) Just pathetic? We convince ourselves the higher ups and coaches can take these players and make champions out of them? The Toronto Maple Leafs as a whole have let us down since 1967. I have only been a fan for thirteen years and the suffering is beyond description. Others make fun of us; with every right.

    Loyalty is a poweful thing… And yes, it is just a game. But when a game ceases to be fun or entertaining? Clearly something drastic needs to be done.

  • A.Frankow

    I think Steve is feeling what we all feel as a leaf fan. I’m sure he would make video’s of when we start winning because he is hilarious.

    I agree with Ove said: It’t not a Kessel problem. Why? it’s because we don’t have a real number 1 centre who we can rely on for scoring, Faceoffs and bringing the puck to the net. Just look at every other winning team that won the cup.. A number 1 centre.

    I know that right now the leafs are tanking so hard. You can tell because they always dump the puck in and never carrying the puck to the net, and passing to make a great play. ( including the PP.

    I think by getting rid of Lupul, gards would be fantastic for the leafs and get a nice Dman who can play with Phaneuf. We don’t need injury proned players and certainly not a Dman with the worst minus and plus rating.

    Kessel on any other team with a great centre ( the San jose sharks) would win them a cup.