Leafs bring up Leivo and Percy

This morning the Leafs made a couple minor moves, sending down Sam Carrick and Troy Bodie to the Marlies, and recalling Josh Leivo and Stuart Percy.

The decision to bring up a defenceman has raised some questions about Robidas and whether he’ll be put on injured reserve. It was reported yesterday that the 37-year-old has been battling an injury for the past two months and would be sitting a few games to rest up. 

Both call-ups have already seen eight games with the big club this season, Leivo notching a single point while Percy has tallied three. 

The Leafs will be in Kanata to play the Senators tomorrow night. 

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    • Jeremy Ian

      It’s not like Carrick was getting a whole lot of time.

      Actually, a mess might afford them some ice time and visibility because pretty soon some of the old core is getting shipped out — so get used to this.

      Bozak-Kadri-Winnik-Smith I am guessing?

      Leivo on the first or second line?

  • CMpuck

    Welcome to rebuild, we may not hit the grand slam in this draft but we’ll get a building block, maybe a top two pick next year, it adds up.

    Watching a true rebuild would engage me from a fan perspective like this franchise has never done.

    Let the kids play instead of some over the hill UFA.

  • STAN

    Percy showed more puck sense and poise than most other Leafs D-men in his short stint at the outset of this disastrous season.

    Let him show up the likes of Pylon, Gardiner and Polak.