LFR8 – Game 46 – DANGLEPIE – Tor 25, St.L 0

Screen shot 2015-01-18 at 2.37.33 PM

Hey, bros! You won’t believe what happened in the Leafs-Blues games!

  • MattyFranchise

    best – video – ever. I know it will make you sad, but I enjoy your videos more after a leaf loss. Wish us oilers fans had something to laugh at.

  • Avro

    Steverino a hilarious fantasized dream world. Can anybody play in it?? Ironically some of the chatting cathies of the media were mentioning that it was way, way, way back to 1954 that the last time the leafs were shut out in three of four games Okay Jeremy it wasn’t me that went back to that year, I just want you to understand that.

    Anyway where was I as Stevo’s performance has all of us confused. How confused, well glad you asked. As confused as a stone hands tight end for the Green Bay Packers, now there is comedy hahahahha you cheeseheads.

    Okay 1954, so these chatting Cathies were wondering what the hell was going on in 1954. Well Stevo Disneyland was being built in the Orange groves of California. Walt had a section was named fantasyland a.k.a. as leafland.

    Now your homework assignment Stevo. Watch Jack Nicholson’s brilliant movie, One Flew Over the Cukoo’s nest. All you got to do Steverino is take what ever pill Nurse Cratchett offers you and you will no longer be a deliious leaf fan. But think about it Steve you are showing these tendencies and you have only been a fan for what maybe 20 years?? Imagine if you have followed this club for 60 years.

    Uh Nurse Crachett can you give those 60 year old leaf fans a triple doze of the medication. Yeahhhh that’s it.

    Trust me Stevo there are something like 37 games left you will be increasing the dossage.

  • Avro

    All BS by you guys saying we just need to get rid of Caryle. Well great – no Carlyle and where are my playoffs? This team is worse somehow and I just can’t believe. But the biggest fraud are those who were championing getting rid Carlyle and now are in damage control about how we need more time.

    I call BS. Looking at this team it is clear that Carlyle is not even the biggest problem.

    • Avro

      Avro I think you have to basically accept that for this particular generation that this is their humour. It is kind of like each generation disliking their kids music. Sure it was all over the place but to 25 and under he represented a fantasy world for leaf fans.

      For us old metamucil using leaf fans OUR fantasy is real we just remember the four Stanley cups of the 1960’s.

      The leafs have the veterans on the ice Horton, Pronovost, Kelly, Armstrong the captain with an all important face off with the leafs hanging on to a 2 to 1 lead over the Habs. The leafs get the draw Armstrong has the puck and skates to the Habs blue line and shoots towards the empty net. HE SCORES THE LEAFS WIN THE CUP THE LEAFS WIN THE CUP IN CANADA’S CENTENNIAL YEAR.

      Trust me Steve it is oh sooo more wonderful than your delusional fantasy game.