LF8 – Game 45 – Until Further Nonis – Tor 1, SJ 3

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So the thing about the Leafs is this…

  • Jeremy Ian

    Steve 37 more games of futility where as you astutely point out the poor sad sack leaf fan pays the price. But what about after April??? you know when the leafs are on the golf greens for already two weeks. What about price then?? The price, the freaking price will go up, up, up. After all inflation, the Canadian dollar, price of ice cubes doubling etc. etc.

    Now Stevo come on be honest, you know nobody could be that stupid to give Phaneuf that huge contract extension or the contract extension to Kessel or sign Clarkson to as you astutely point out the worst contract in the league. Nobody could be that stupid. But wait a minute a group of people could be that stupid. That’s right Steverino a group, namely the Jerry Jones wannabees that sit with the Armani blue suits on and count beans at the M.L.S.E. board meetings.

    Now I’m convinced one of these cretins snotty nosed kids is a Devils fan. He tells dad that he thinks David Clarkson is the best power forward in the league. The dad who has a lower i.q. than Harold Ballard did goes to the next board meeting and proposes that the leafs sign a home town boy, the number one free agent out there. Sign him at any cost. Heh get that gopher, you know the guy who brings in the cream and sugar, what’s his name no nuts Nonis yeah that’s it. Get him to sign an iron clad contract, we got to get him, it will make my snotty kid happy. Yeah that’s it.

    It is the way the leafs operate Steve, you know and I know it. Why do you think Scotty Bowman or any successful G.M. or pillar in the hockey community wants nothing to do with the leafs. Its because they don’t want to be associated with a bunch of Jerry Jones imitators.

    Steve you are not alone out there, I’m sure there is a guy doing your routine for the N.Y. Knicks the best 44 years and a guy for the Oakland Raiders who has been pontificating like you for a couple of decades. Heh its a living.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve. Maybe it’s the season for single malt and not the Chivas you are slinging back there.

    So, I don’t agree that management should bunker down. True, the options are not good. But I think they should be open to offers for players with present value for a playoff run and pick up some future value. Dramatic stuff like firing Nonis is only symbolic. Mirtle’s piece in the Globe today was spot on.

    Above all, they need to resist the temptation and the pressure to “blow up the core” just to feel like they are doing something in their moment of inertia while other teams do get tear themselve down or make a play off run. The leafs are in a strange spot.

    But it doesn’t mean they have to be passive. There are always options. Even incremental changes can make a difference.

  • jasken

    Steve I totally agree that firing Nonis does nothing to this team. Trading Kessel and Phanuef aren’t options; Phanuef more because I do not believe anybody wants him and Kessel is too good to let go (Stamkos is the only player in past 4 years w more goals than Phil). We don’t want young guys like Kadri, Holland, JVR, Gardiner, and Rielly traded. Goaltending seems to have been secured with Bernier and Riemer. If anything is going to happen its with the second level of players. Lupul, Bozak, Winnik, Santorelli, Polak, Robidas, and Clarkson.

    Like you said, patience is this teams mantra. ROR for Gards may be a possibility. Bozak may go to EDM for a guy like Percell or Poulliot. Lupul probably gets dealt for picks or prospects. and the rest either end up walking in Free Agency, or are stuck for a period of time.

    Kevin Chasey asked a question to Jeff O’Neill about weather he thinks that the leafs defense looks better with Polak in it over Gunnarsson. The answer is an astounding yes. This guy is a guy that other players hate to play against because he makes you pay. Other deals like this is what the leafs will probably make going forward. Not necessarily adding tough to play against guys but roster moves sending some of our soft players out for guys who add a different aspect of the game and compliment what we already have.

    Last note. I think Clarkson will be gone this off season or next. I have to wonder how much of his Bonus Salary he is making. I think he retires soon, I also think that he could be swung for Semin or another player where the leafs take on real salary from a poorer team to buyout in order to save cap dollars from Clarkson and help them save real dollars.

  • jasken

    The evaluation on these players should have been in already,unfortunately it’s not, I am looking at it going okay their playing stable defence who fits who dont. 5 games is not enough time especially when players are struggling when you start with the new system they need time to adjust and find out where they fit. The evaluation period that was suppose to be first half is now second half so you are losing a season.

    The positive side is atleast they are doing it. Management is actually involved and doing something which is a lot more than the predecessors had done. Shanny is sticking his nose in from the ice, all the way through to management. He’s travelling with the team monitoring finding out things first hand. So whatever he and management decide I will support he is actually showing he cares and wants to improve this team properly.