WWYDW – Trading Kessel

There’s been a whole lot of nonsense in my Twitter dot com feed lately, and I’m not talking about Bobby Cappuccino. 

What is this? Seriously? Jeffler wrote a good piece this morning on why trading Phil Kessel would be a dumb idea, but I guess nobody smartened up and we are apparently still talking about it.

Well, the fire’s already burning, so I might as well throw some gasoline on it.

I’ll echo what Jeffler said earlier – it’s a bad idea. Unless the Leafs were truly going to start over… I mean, Tyler Biggs playing in your top six for the next three seasons start over… then sure, trade Kessel. Trade everyone. Trade Dion Phaneuf and trade Joffrey Lupul. Also, trade Jake Gardiner and trade James van Riemsdyk. Trade Jonathan Bernier. Trade everyone you love. Raze it.

But that isn’t going to happen. I just can’t envision a future where the Leafs “blow it up” and start over again. And if you think the Leafs can rebuild on the fly, as they’ve tried to do before, by trading Phil Kessel? Ha, you’re out to lunch.

The Situation


But hey, who am I? Some guy on the internet, spreading his opinion as if it’s matter of fact. You’re the smart ones, you know. You’re going to figure this all out… in the comments section below.

Should Phil Kessel be traded? Is trading him taking one step forward and two steps back? If you are willing to move him, what should the Leafs be looking for in return? Is there even a market for him? Are you willing to retain salahahaha. Sorry. I couldn’t bring myself to finish that sentence.

  • A few years ago…before twitter…I caused an uproar on Facebook by saying that nick ‘glass jaw’ kypreos should be nominated for the biggest douche in the universe. This kind of thinking is what lead me to the nomination. Lets trade sequin, hamilton, and knight for max domi…….
    me…I would play kessel till he is well spent as a leaf just to justify giving up those guys. Phil is great…kypreos was mediocre at the best of times and he has no clue about hockey. Him and kelly hrudey should hang up the suits and get a job at tim hortons. And whats with nicks macho testosterone driven demeanour anyways….he got knocked out with one punch that I think basically ended his career…
    now….phil for ryan orielly and a solid possesion defenseman and a 1st rounder…lets talk.
    Or….id sinfully take shea weber…….
    but were way better off keeping him around. …imaginge being haunted by ex leaf 81….shiver

  • Trading Kessel for a prospect–and worse (as some suggested) actually needing take back salary–would be so beyond dumb the Clarkson deal would look brilliant in comparison. In fact that level of dumb would probably cause me to turn my back in disgust and walk away from over 40 years of watching the Leafs.

  • Packages I’d be comfortable moving Kessel for:


    Jones, Fiala, 1st


    Yandle, Domi/1st if 1st is 6 or higher, 2nd


    O’Rielly, 1st, 2nd

    I think we’re keeping him, essentially. What we get back would never be worth it.

  • silentbob

    The Leafs should trade Kessel, along with Phaneuf and Lupul and Bozak and Franson and both goalies because this team DOES need to start over.

    Back in 08-09 the Leafs were rebuilding and everyone with behind the idea. We drafted Schenn, hired Burke, drafted Kadri and then Burke decided that was enough and tried to accelerate the whole thing by signing guys like Komisarek, Beauchemin and Armstrong, and trading for players like Kessel and Phaneuf.

    It didn’t work, we have a team that has to spend to the cap just to maintain their mediocrity. The sooner we (the fans) and they (management) admit it didn’t work and we need to start over, the better off we’ll all be.

  • silentbob

    They need together rid of Kessel and Phanuef too.i don,t know why the leafs even kept Reiner.you have Broduer out there the best goalie ever .he still has a few yrs .remeber the leafs won the cup in 67 with bower and sawchuk in there late thirties early 40′ s .they could have got a another back up and a pick ,the leafs passed on Seguin when Boston released him.what are they thinking.you can still get good players for these guys if they act now.

  • silentbob

    It all comes down to Brendan Shanahan’s strategy. If he chooses a complete re-build, he will trade Kessel and Phaneuf (and JVR and Bozak and Lupul and on and on) for picks and prospects.
    If he wants to shake up the core and still try to be competitive, he’ll move one of those guys for a good centre.
    Thing is, Shanahan needs to settle on a strategy soon because this year’s draft is considered a deep one and, to move up, he needs to be a seller at the trade deadline.
    I think he’s ready to clean house and start over with his own management group but we’ll see how it all shakes out.

  • silentbob

    It boils down to this:

    Is there a move or series of moves the Leafs can realistically make that will make them as good or better then the Blackhawks and Kings in the next 3-5 seasons?

    If yes, I’d like to hear what those moves are, they need to get off their butts and aggressively pursue those options. If no, then starting over is the only option that makes any sense.