LFR8 – Game 44 – Debt – Tor 0, Ana 4

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The Leafs only want love if it’s torture.

  • BubbaZanetti

    Steve I love your videos and I think a major contributing factor to that is that I disagree with you on things! This team is not better than they were with Randy, they looked like a group of guys waiting for their plane tickets to their next teams city. This team looks confused, frustrated, beaten, uninterested. 2 coaches three different systems and a reasonably young group of guys in the shark tank that IS T O will do that to a fragile young group. I think the firing of Randy was premature… only in the sense that the good players were still playing reasonably well offensively giving this offensively top heavy team at least a chance to score and win .. when you have only offensive weapons you need to use them accordingly or you are just getting shut out regularly like the Leafs have. I am not saying maybe in the offseason management doesn’t make a change at the coaching position but … this is a team about to implode on itself .. no form of familiarity or purpose remains there. Dion is a horrible captain and one of the few moves that hasn’t been made is taking his C… its over due. Mark my words this team is heading for a cliff and Nonis just slapped a brick on the gas pedal !

  • BubbaZanetti

    Leafs need stellar goaltending from Riemer
    to win. Good isn’t good enough. He can do it just like Bernier.
    They can score, they will revert back to the mean and get some puck luck.

  • BubbaZanetti

    is the video messed up for anyone else about halfway through? anyway, carlyle didn’t get the same criticism because the leafs were scoring goals. now that the leafs are playing all defence & are struggling to score, mainstream media is on the get rid of horachek train. I really like him. if we actually address key issues (centre/defence), horachek will actually have something to work with and this team will be less garbage. right now, the team is ridding themselves of 3 years of hell from randy and his awful dinosaur system. this team is in transition where they’re actually learning to play defence for once. it’s a bad stretch of luck that won’t last all season. what we should do is plummet for mcdavid. us fans deserve him after years of torture.

    • Dawgfan1980

      You do realize that Horacheck will be gone at the end of the season as the M.L.S.E. blue suits and bean counters start the latest of many off season campaigns of the new leaf rebuild program, number 48 to be precise, which will of course include a new coach who will be hailed as the next Scotty Bowman.

  • Dawgfan1980

    Tonight, the Leafs need to direct more shots on net and continue to work on the defensive end. I know people are upset because of a lack of understanding of phrases such as “regression to the mean” or “opposition quality”.

    Tonight, I’d like to see a little more offensive prowess on the PP, to see the minute distribution continue as best it can (people forget that penalties can really screw this up at times) and continue to protect the slot on defense and breakout with multiple options.

    KUTGW Steve. The thought a child may never have to know the Randy Carlyle years to you is the same as you never having to witness the Harold Ballard years to me. Carlyle was inept, but Ballard was intentionally a jerk just cause he owned the team.

  • jasken

    Steverino feel free to use my material any time. Good to see you refer to my mentioning that school kids in Toronto have over the past 10 freaking years seen three home playoff games. That is practically their entire elementary and secondary schooling.

    Now speaking of babies, there was a baby born in B.C. on July 1st, 1967. A very significant fact Steve as she became Canada’s centennial baby. What a year it was Steve, the centennial parties, expo 67 and most importantly Steve as I graduated and entered University my leafs won the Stanley Cup for the 4th time in 6th years. We would have won another but Montreal enforcer, the late John Bowie Ferguson deliberately ran over Johnny Bower in the crease in 1965 to cause the leafs to not win the cup that year.

    But let us get back to that centennial baby Steverino. She will be 48 this year Steve and she has not seen the leafs win the Stanley Cup. Now this young baby became a very beautiful person, in fact she became famous. However after working in the U.S.A. for years she decided to become a dual citizen. This upset some Canadians as after all she had received 5,000 diapers free from the federal government for being numero uno baby on July 1st.

    However others argue that she was already 18% American by the time she was in her mid 20’s Steve. That’s right Pamela Anderson it was argued was 18% silicon valley.

    Perhaps she was fed up with the leafs never winning a cup and this is why she decided to become a dual citizen.

    But you know Steve we talk about the younger generation but let me get serious for a moment. Every week there are old leaf fans who too remembers those great Stanley cup teams of the 1960’s. They usually conclude their posting in a leaf blog site that they figure they might have 15 or 20 years left on this good old earth and they sadly conclude that the 1967 cup will be the last they will ever see the leafs win.

    They have watched owner after owner suck every cent out of the most loyal, and fanatical fans in hockey and treated them like crap. From Ballard to Stravos, the Ontario Teachers pension fund to the two wonderful corporations Bell and Canada winning has always been not on the ice but at the bank.

    Sadly with this current ownership nothing will change. Just ask those old loyal fans or Pamela.

  • jasken

    What I find so humorous they went from 1 extreme to the other. No effort to defense to way over thinking it to a dangerous point of it being costly. I get their trying to not get caught but they are way over thinking things. Once they find the happy medium, know when to take a risk when not too, once they are able to balance the defensive side with the offensive I am curious what this team will do.