Steve Dangle Podcast – Jan 14, 2015 – Dropout

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On today’s episode, the guys talk about Kessel trade rumours, the All-Star Game, and high school memories.




  • Corno4

    In regards to the goal Adam thought happened with Blake/Stajan/Meyers:

    The only goal where Jason Blake and Jamal Meyers shared a point was Jamal Meyers, from Jason Blake and Dominic Moore against Columbus, February 19, 2009.

    Also, Pronger was drafted 2nd overall after Daigle in 1993.

  • I think it’s just plain stupid to compare the Flames to the Leafs. For one, the Flames are in year two of a rebuild, playoffs would just be icing.
    Secondly, Who are the Leafs best players up front? Kessel, JVR, Kadri-All established players and veterans: The Flames on the other hand have Hudler, Gaudreau, and Monahan up front. A veteran, a sophmore, and a rookie.
    Lastly, the Flames goaltending outside of maybe 15-18 games, has been league average at best. Hiller lets in a softie every game at least, and Ramo plays so little he doesn’t get a chance to get hot.