LFR8 – Game 42 – CBJ 2, Tor 5

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Horachek yourself before you wreck yourself!

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  • Dawgfan1980

    Re: David Clarkson and criticism.

    Professionally, David Clarkson makes it more difficult for the Toronto Maple Leafs to be successful with his production relative to the percentage of the salary cap that he utilizes. He somehow escapes mainstream media persecution, to the point where I see a package on Phil Kessel and how he has to be held accountable due to his salary, along with Dion, but no mention of David Clarkson. His passion is not in question on the ice as much as his skill and the style of game he attempts to play.

    Personally, David Clarkson is a great off ice representation of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He enjoys the city and the fans. He puts his head down and tries. He shouldn’t be faulted that his agent got him the contract (and we should all find his agent and hire him personally) and Clarkson does all the little things that make him a great human being.

    When he is on the ice, my ire is about the professional player and the lamentations of the fact the team I support is at a slight disadvantage due to him suiting up. Off the ice, I hope he is beloved and has nothing but great years for the rest of his days.

  • Bester27

    Remember that LFR where you said when everything is going to Sh$t, the Leafs are going to do something that brings a glimmer of hope….

    Well this game was it for me!

  • Bester27

    Come on Stevo a little constructive criticism of some of your rants and you hide in the washroom stall like the leaf captain as you have turned down the sound in your pontifications. Fortunately Stevo I can read lips. Criticism Stevo it goes with the territory.