WWYD: Bench Boss Edition

Jesus H. Christ, that Mike Babcock is an intense looking man. Look at those goddamn eyes. Forget Detroit, Babcock looks exactly like the kind of no-nonsense-or-I-will-cut-you sociopath the Toronto Maple Leafs need manning their bench.

Or maybe he isn’t. I don’t know. What do I know? Nothing. I’m just a blogger. You guys though – the readers – you’re the smart ones. Help me out.

The Situation


In case you didn’t notice, Randy Carlyle is no longer the coach of the Leafs. For the time being, Peter Horachek will take over the head coaching duties, while Steve Spott will remain on as an assistant and Steve Staios will begin helping out behind the bench.

This whole arrangement is on an ‘interim’ basis and likely to hold steady until the offseason, when smart hockey executive Brendan Shanahan will have a number of people to consider for the head coaching position.

Maybe Horachek stays on. Maybe Babcock leaves Detroit. Maybe Todd McLellan gets axed by San Jose. There are a whole bunch of possibilities. 

The question is, what’s the best one? In a perfect world, who do you think should be the next head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and why?

Leave your answer in the comments below. The person with the most thumbs up will get my respect and admiration. The person with the most thumbs down has to quit the internet forever. We play for keeps.

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  • Wait till the end of the season. If Mike Babcock is available throw money at him and hope he goes full Dave Bolland with it and takes the $$$$. If Babcock isn’t available then hire either Peter Deboer, or Todd McClellan (if he’s available).

  • The Craig

    If Babcock leaves Detroit, grab him. He won’t though so go and get Guy Boucher. Guy understands the importance of strong systems play, yet his teams were some of the highest scoring. He’s got experience, he’s got a mean ass scar and see what happens when you piss Guy off…

  • jasken

    It’s an understanding a coach people dont get Shanny wants Babcock and he wants him long term. In a perfect world I would make Babcock the GM/Coach give him full power make the team the way he wants the same way Quinn had it. If this is what it takes and what Babcock wants just hand him the contract and let him sign.

    • jasken

      There might be something in that–the idea that another asset that Shanny has to sell Babcock on is the possibility of coming in as GM/Coach, with a full supporting cast available. So it wouldn’t be “just the money”.

      If Babcock is the GM/Coach, who would be the associate coach, running the practices & implementing the systems? Does Horachek stick around?

      • jasken

        That is upto Babcock the thing is GM’s usually choose their coaches, and coaches choose their assistants they have to trust who they are working with. I am not so worried about the assistants, as I am which players he would want shipped out before he signed. Then you got the wait time of developing. I have no doubt Shanny has already got a list on what Babcock wants for players, or dont want. You dont pick his assistants that’s his job but you do give him a clean slate if his list does not include Phaneuf, Clarkson, Kessel or Lupul you get rid of them and take as little bite of the bullet as you can.

  • jasken

    Babcock is the easy answer. I’m going with Mike Keenan.
    1] He’s a winner
    2} has the balls to make tough decisions like benching the floaters
    3] Likes a challenge
    4] pretty sure he wouldn’t mind relocating from Russia

  • jasken

    After reading the ample “Controversy” section on Mike Keenan’s Wikipedia page, I’m not sure he would be the best fit for Toronto’s 24-hour media circus.