Leafs fire Randy Carlyle

Obviously we’re going to have much more on the way over the course of the day, but there you have it. Carlyle is out.

It looks as though Horachek and Spott will take over coaching duties in the immediate interim, but that’s just the initial word. 

With DeBoer and Bylsma out there (among others) as key free agent coaches, you can bet a lot of rumors will be floating around in the coming days. 

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  • Poluza

    Sad to see him go like this. It is his fault
    for keeping top line together. Not his fault
    when an often sorry effort shows up.
    It’s all on the players now. Horachek is a proven coach.

  • jasken

    And once again, the Leafs show how messy this organization is.

    Last year : We acquire Tim Gleason from the Canes, then buy him out (so that 1 M$ will be on the salary cap for the next 4 years). Oooh, I remember when sooo many fans said Tim Gleason will be a great acquisition…

    This year : We give an extension to Randy Carlisle, 6 months later, we fire him, obviously thinking he is the problem…

    Instead of being happy for a guy having a winning sheet with a less-than-ok team being fired, why don’t you get angry at some point, seeing this organization doesn’t give a crap about the money you give to them?

    This organization doesn’t give a damn about you. How many players from the previous drafts are on the roster right now? 2,3 ?

    Since how many times did the Leafs hit a home run at the draft?

    Oh I remember too, at the beginning of the year, when I said the Leafs were going nowhere because you cannot go anywhere when you fill your bottom 6 – bottom 2 with late summer acquisitions that nobody wants (Winnik, Booth). I remember being blasted, insulted.

    Oh by the way, Winnik is suuuuuch a great possession player hey, that’s what I heard starting october. Who still wants him on this team now? That’s what I thought.

    This team doesn’t give a crap about you, and you seem ok with it, Burke is the guy who made tremendous trades (JVR, Gardiner, Lupul, Franson, Phaneuf…). What do you think this team would look like without him?

    And you seem happy with Nonis who just gave away draft picks for Bolland. For David. Bolland.

    Keep being happy that the Leafs fired the coach. So now they are gonna win right? Oh now, they’re gonna outshoot their opponents, the problem was juste Carlisle right, drafting is not an issue obviously…

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • STAN

    Must be nice to work for a company where money is meaningless.

    Randy Carlyle will be paid handsomely not to work for MLSE, just as Wilson, Grabovski, Tucker, Komisarek and Armstrong were, just to name a few.

    There’s no doubt that Nonis will be next to join the millionaire Leafs welfare club, but Shanahan likely won’t play that card until April when these Leafs miss the playoffs.

    Still, Shanny’s hands will be all over the choice of Carlyle’s replacement… so his clock just started ticking.

    It says here that Mike Babcock wants nothing to do with one of the world’s most dysfunctional sports franchise.

  • jasken

    Here’s what I think is going to happen. Shanny is going to have Nonis unload some of the core players and their contracts. After such time he is going to fire Nonis hire a new GM who will then hire the new head coach. The time span of this happening is between now and the trade deadline.

    It’s been quiet but the realization was they were actually shopping certain players and their performance might have cost the Leafs the ability to move those players. Carlyle couldn’t get them to perform he’s gone and now Nonis has got to move them to reluctant teams who wanted to see them performing.

  • jasken

    All those who trash me, at least respond to my comment, prove your point, prove you’re not the guy I describe, the guy who loves his team so much that he has lost all his hockey knowledge.

    Firing your coach, yeah ok that will resolve everything, the losing pill will now be easier to swallow.

  • jasken

    Fially. They may not be better under Horachuk but they won’t be worse. There was no way to evaluate players under Carlyle. Possession and shots against, player usage, line combinations, TOI, use of the 4th line, the swarm..the list goes on. Randy had no answers.