With Lupul, Kadri, and Holland injured, not many people expected them to go on a 10 game winning streak. Expectations were low. But they weren’t this low. 

Quite frankly, this game was pathetic.


This says it all. The Leafs were bad all game long. They generated nothing. Even still, they opened the scoring tonight, with Santorelli knocking a puck out of the air two-minutes into the 2nd. 

This will be the only video because it was the only Leafs highlight worth showing.

After that, Winnipeg scored five straight goals, which is what will happen when you get out-everything’d by a team by a wide margin. This recap doesn’t even need fancy stats or even fancy sentences – the Leafs were bad. 

And since the Leafs put forth that kind of effort tonight, and refuse to acknowledge the obvious problems that they have, I’m going to put forth the same kind of effort into this postgame, and refuse to acknowledge my problems as a writer. Because I have none. (See, it’s working already).
The Leafs are now 2-7-0 in their last nine.


Well, Winnipeg wears blue so I’m giving it to Dustin Byfuglien, who was amazing tonight (1 G, 1A). What makes him even more impressive is that almost the entirety of Winnipeg’s normal defence core is injured. 


Oh, and #FireCarlyle.

See You Wednesday

The Leafs host the Capitals at 7PM EST. Maybe they’ll have a few new players or a new coach by then. That’d be nice.

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  • STAN

    This is the worst ‘core’ in the NHL.

    If I have this right, by contract richness and length, Shanonis™ is happy to have Kessel, Phaneuf, Clarkson and Lupul lead the 2014-2020 Leafs with their hard work, talent and motivation.

    Those three leadership traits don’t exist in this ‘core’.

    Kessel laughs at defence. Phaneuf constantly gets beaten to pucks and is rarely a hard-hitter. Clarkson is a mutt and Lupul is injury-prone.

    A glaring example of what must kill 15 other guys in the room was David Clarkson absolutely blowing a clear two on one with Komorov… as the clock wound down. Instead of skating hard to open ice, he actually skated TOWARD the lone jet defender as Komorov waited for a pass that never came.

    Build a core around skilled guys who work hard on both end of the ice and clearly know the value of possession (in order): Kadri, Santorell, Komorov, Booth, Holland and JvR. Every other skater should be considered as trade bait.

    Can hardly wait to see the return of Grabovski and Kulemin on Wednesday!

    • TGT23

      David Clarkson is the worst skater in the league. He literally couldn’t skate the other way and thus stumbled into the lone jet defender. I use to think Colton Orr was bad, but this guy is constantly falling all over his ass on the ice.

      But the biggest spill him and his agent took was when they fell on their asses on the floor laughing after Nonis was forced by upper management to give him that gazillion dollar contract that is iron clad for so many years.

  • TGT23

    Carlyle needs to be gone but I more agree with Dangle that Kessel shares a big part of the blame for being selfish and not playing up to his 8M contract.

    And between Burke with Phaneuf/Kessel/Bozak/Carlyle/Gardiner and oft injured Lupul and Nonis with Clarkson and Bernier this team is a complete mess.

  • TGT23

    First of all Bobby your work isn’t facetious, comical or satirical. Trust me buddy, don’t quit your day job.

    Even a three toed slough knew that the leafs would start to crumble with the long road trip. They lost 5 out of 7 on this latest trip. Just wait for the 9 out of 11 journey into hell coming up.

    Bottom line this is a club that hasn’t gotten over 85 points in 7 freaking years. Apparently the standard line from this sinking titanic of players is that we are still 5 games over 500.

    Yeah, yeah, Yeah I get its loads of fun to set up some blog site where you can get really close to the players and pretend to be a jock sniffer like the so called pro writers.

    I got a suggestion, bring in an old time leaf fan you know your grand father or old uncle and he could actually tell you about winning as he would have watched 4 stanley cups in 6 years.

    But heh who am I to criticize if writing moronic articles turns your crank.

  • TGT23

    You’re totally right Bobby Cap. And I really don’t understand if the hatred is all sarcasm, but you’re pretty funny and a better writer than most commenters ever will be.
    What’s stopping the leafs chasing Byslma?
    Also Grabovski and Kulemin don’t play for the Capitals….

  • TGT23


    This Leafs Team is dam right just sad and an embarrassment to the NHL…..what a joke, these guys should be burying their heads in the sand….

    There are some good young players on this team that will learn nothing from these core , over paid useless loosers…

    Reims so sorry buddy…you deserve better

  • TGT23

    honestly, just wait until we tank and are officially out of the playoff spot in april to fire randy so we can at least get a top 10 pick again and hopefully get a shot at mcjesus. if not, there’s so many great prospects: eichel, strome, hanifin, etc.

  • TGT23

    Terrible game but can we stop saying that “Winnipeg is missing all their key guys!” Stuff like that doesn’t matter in Winnipeg.. their entire team is insignificant.

    If anything, getting all these random nobodies to fill in for their ‘key guys’ made them realize that they have to outwork their opponents every night, cause.. well.. the skill just isn’t there!

    I feel bad for Jets fans, they truly are the worst bunch in the NHL. I would accept nothing less than their mass suicide after kneeling at the feet of both Kessel and Captain Phaneuf.

  • TGT23

    The Leafs because of Carlyles conservatism are unimaginative.

    There is no evolution of ideas and every change is made grudgingly and when conditions warrants Carlyle regresses to his default lineup.

    Carlyle Leans too much on the first line and they are incapable of putting the Leafs on their back.

    Leafs have a sub par work ethic,
    and though I like many of the moves Nonis has made

    but why hasn’t he done one thing recently?

    -when the lineup is so thin with injuries why is Kozun not with the team.

    The team has looked so weak recently.