First Star, Worst Star: January 4th, 2015

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Well gang, we did it, we made it to the year 2015. THE FUTURE IS NOW! And what also is now is this weeks First Star, Worst Star. 



Jaromir Jagr was drafted when I was 4 years old. Jaromir Jagr has accomplished basically everything there is to accomplish in the NHL, save for a Vezina trophy, but he’s still apparently got plenty of time to knock that one off. Jaromir Jagr has become the oldest player in NHL history to ever score a hat trick. Jaromir Jagr is clearly some kind of cyborg who will outlive us all and will continue to score goals well after the earth has been absorbed by the sun and the human race has ceased to exist. God bless Jaromir Jagr. 

A couple things of note here:

– Jagr beat Gordie Howe’s record of oldest player to ever score a hat trick by almost a full year. Going by the newly established Gordie Math® my calculations tell me Jagr is on pace to play well into his 90s. 

– Unbelievably this was his first hat trick since 2006, so he now has more hat tricks in the last decade than the Oilers have playoff appearances. 

– He is now 3 goals away from 5th all-time in NHL scoring, so if you see one of the Gretzky children lurking around Prudential Center in the near future brandishing a steel pipe maybe give Jagr a heads up. 



The blogging community’s year didn’t get off to the greatest start when word came out that would be ceasing operations immediately due to health issues of founder Matthew Wuest. 

Even if your not a “stats geek” you’ve no doubt heard of It was the preeminent site for all things salary related in the NHL, and allowed even the most math averse person to understand just how grossly overpaid any given player on any given team was. Capgeek was so influential it eventually forced NHL teams to start reporting contract numbers on their own, something unheard of as recent as 10 years ago. 

It sucks that such a great site had to close down, but it’s an even bigger blow that it’s due to health problems from a member of the hockey community. We wish Matthew a quick and full recovery with whatever he’s dealing with. 

In the meantime the people over at do great work and it’s a site that will surely fill the void for all your salary cap related online arguments. 

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  • mk

    That is too bad – Capgeek was THE site for contract & salary cap info.

    To be honest, I didn’t realize NHLnumbers had a lot of the same info. Learn something new all the time, I guess.


    RE Jagr: The man is insane. Whatever used to power Lidstrom’s defenseive prowess is certainly the secret behind Jagr’s seeming fountain of youth. He must be a cyborg replica: maybe the real Jagr never came back from the KHL & the Flyers just built this one. Too bad (for them), it became sentient and rebelled.

  • 24% body fat

    Worst Star: Oilers management for not allow Dr. Drai to go to the WJC.

    Look at the fun and confidence Lazar has right now, and he is a year older.

    Not only should he have been their this year, he should be there next year. If only he was Canadian this would be so much easier.

    • MattyFranchise

      The only other player in recent memory that should have gone to the world juniors but wasn’t released by their team to do so was sean monohan. In retrospect the move makes given his production last season and how much he’s improved this season. Suffice it to say complete opposite for drai, no way in he!l he has a 34 point rookie season like monny did.

      • 24% body fat

        and mono had a lot of puck luck that year, shooting percentage and easy minutes.

        There are no easy minutes on the oileres because of how bad this team is. No one other than Hall to push the play.

        Nuge is good but does not drive it the same way.

        NOTE: Gagner 10 points in last 7 games. Man if this guy was ever consistent he would be a ppg player. But hey Purcell.

    • MattyFranchise

      The fact the Oilers management is classless, selfish,inept and puts Edmonton in a bad light locally and internationally should mot surprise anyone in the hockey-verse. katz/lowe/mactit are performing predictably and true to form.

      I wonder how Draisaitll feels about it all. He better not speak up or he might get traded for a bag of magic beans. No one criticizes ‘Craigy’ and gets away with it.

      By the way mact you truly do suck rhino. You are deserving of fan’s and hockeys disrespect. I womder how many of your players would be around if their on-ice performance rivalled your pathetic act. ‘Oh yeah right…they do match’.

    • MattyFranchise

      The fact the Oilers management is classless, selfish,inept and puts Edmonton in a bad light locally and internationally should mot surprise anyone in the hockey-verse. katz/lowe/mactit are performing predictable.

      I wonder how Draisaitll feels about it all.

      • He probably feels fine considering most of the talk today is strongly hinting HE made the choice to stay with the team.

        No doubt the Oilers have alot of black marks in their ledger, but this is one of those times you might have done some homework before jumping on the bandwagon.

    • piscera.infada

      I’m not one to argue in the affirmative regarding Oilers management very often, but there are some well respected hockey people like Freidman and MacKenzie who believe Draisaitl didn’t want to go to the WJHC, and the Oilers management just took the blame and moved on. Perhaps that says something about Draisaitl if true, but I would imagine that after close to 40 games of falling on your sword at the NHL level, doing it at the international level would seem a lot less appealing.

      I mean, generally, you would think the decision might have been different had Draisaitl been able to play for one of the “big four/five” teams in the tournament. In all likelihood however, he ends up spending time and effort learning a new system, new players, and new coaches, simply to play on a team in the relegation round of the tournament–I’m wholly unsure he makes that much difference to the German’s fortunes.

      The Oliers’ management made one mistake as it pertains to Leon: not sending him back to junior after a small handful of games. It was painfully obvious he wasn’t a saviour.

  • MattyFranchise

    I wish Matt Wuest all the best and an early return to full health. My thoughts are also extended to his family and friends.

    However mulling over much less arguing over multi-millionaires contracts is far from a pressing concern.

    I’m sure his expertise will be missed and hopefully he returns soon.

  • MattyFranchise

    I beg to differ with Friedman but did we not hear it correctly when Draisaitl said esrlier this yesr that he wanted to represent Germany well in hopes of inspiring young German athletes to play hockey?

    That doesn’t sound like someone indifferent to the development of the profile of hockey in his homeland.

    I have lots of time for Elliott Friedman but he rarely strays far from Toronto much less come west to see what is going on here in the sewer of pro-hockey.

    • piscera.infada

      That’s fair. I’m not an Oilers fan, nor do I have any idea what Draisaitl said or didn’t say with regards to the WJHC. That said, it’s not farfetched to think he might not be as gung-ho to go as the original comment made it sound.

      Like I said, Oilers management should be faulted with not having the requisite centre depth so that an 18 year-old rookie is your de facto #2 centre, as opposed to “not allowing” him to go to the WJHC. Someone brought up Monahan last year. His quote was: “I’d love to play for my country in the WJHC, but my life-long dream has been to play in NHL, I’m here, I want to stay here”. I don’t think the situations were/are that different. The Oilers can simply make everything easier on Draisaitl by taking the blame, when they’re already being crapped on by everyone. That’s all they (Freidman, et cetera) are saying. We’ll never be privvy to that information.

      As far as the ire spewed towards Oilers’ management in this particular situation (Draisaitl and the WJHC): mountains out of mole hills. Draisaitl’s poor handling was sealed long before he even laced up the skates in game number 10 of the season.

  • piscera.infada

    Imagine if Jagr didnt go to the KHL those 3 years,he would be around 800 goals and have a potential chance to reach gretzky. Also to note hes had 3 lockouts in his career. I remember he wanted to stay in NHL but nobody would sign for more than a 1 year contract and he wanted at least 2. jagr stated Oilers were his number one choice too cause of hemsky. Good job Lowe