Leafs Postgame – Kessel Hits Milestone in Leafs Shootout Win Over Bruins

I don’t even want to talk about the game. That’s partly because I already wrote the Team Canada postgame piece earlier and it’s also New Years Eve and such, but mostly because all I want to talk about is Phil Kessel. Sweet Baby Phil, scoring all those goals. He’s the best.

The Rundown

The Leafs were in Boston tonight to play the (not so) big, (not so) bad Bruins. 

It was a largely uneventful first period, besides a goal from a returning Leo Komarov about halfway through the period. The Leafs did something amazing in actually outshooting the Bruins in the first (though, that wouldn’t last), and ended the frame with lead intact.

The second period featured a whole bunch of goals, including one from James van Riemsdyk, on which Kessel assisted, and another which Phil The Thrill scored himself. Those two points are pretty significant, as with those two points, Phil Kessel hit 500 career points. I repeat… FIVE HUNDRED CAREER POINTS. IN SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR GAMES.

Kessel The Best. Let Your Kessel Flags Fly.

Now, there’s a few hundred people who have scored more than 500 points in the NHL, but those are career totals. Kessel has done it in eight years, and probably has another eight or more years left in him. Kessel probably won’t remain a consistent point-per-game guy into his mid-to-late thirties, but even so, he still has a shot at becoming one of the Top 100 point producers in NHL history. Currently, Tony Amonte sits in 100th with 900 career points. That’s pretty cool.

(Sidenote: Dear Leafs Management, please give Phil Kessel a chance to reach such heights and go get him a good centre, yeah?)

On the other hand, the second period was also a pretty good one for the Boston Bruins, who got goals from Carl Soderberg, David Krejci and Torey Krug. The Leafs would blow another two goal lead, as is tradition, and the game would go into the third period tied at threes. It’d remain that way right through the third and through overtime.

The Shootout

Let’s take a moment to talk about a Leafs player not named Phil Kessel. I mean, I don’t want to but I feel I must, as it’s a pretty important part of the game.

Nazem Kadri won the game for the Leafs in the fifth round of the shootout, on a very pretty deke move that had Tuukka Rask so spun around, he ended up behind the actual net. 

How does that even happen? Nazem Kadri. That’s how.

Blue Warrior

It’s Phil Kessel. It has to be Phil Kessel. How couldn’t it be Phil Kessel?

Phil Kessel Forever.


The Leafs will travel to Minnesota to take on the Wild on Friday evening. Tune in for more of this guy:

      • The only time to get rid if them is in the offseason and the only time to fire Carlyle is if another great collapse happens.And if they chose to trade someone like kessel and phaneuph another top 3 defenceman and 30 goal scorer/point per game player has to come in return for these two. But then you are only making trades for the sake of the trading if you are getting the same player types back. And as for Carlyle we have to wait on him. Carlyle can’t be entirely be blamed for the leafs failures if the players dont want to commit to team defence and structure.

        • TGT23

          That assumes he teaches team defense and structure. We have to assume one of three possibilities. He teaches and no one listens, he teaches and they are listening and this is the result, or he doesn’t teach. My theory is he does teach and this is the result.

          I was SCREAMING at my TV in the 3rd last night when FOUR Leaf players committed to puck side pressure leaving a Bruin open by 15 feet in front. If not for Bernier the game is lost there.

          Carlyle needs to go if for no other reason than when he’s gone if the team continues to play like this we know for sure that they are the problems and we can address it by moving players out. Right now we don’t know.