The Steve Dangle Podcast – Dec 16, 2014 – Oiler Intervention

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On this episode, we try to fix the Edmonton Oilers from top to bottom and look at the Leafs’ hot streak.


  • Avro

    Please do that analysis of Stephan Robidas. I am much more interested in hearing that over the poop story.

    Also the reason mumps doesn’t happen in Canada is because we’re vaccinated against it. In Ontario at least, we’re vaccinated against mumps measles and rubella. They give two shots, but they didn’t start giving the second shot until 1991.

    Also kind of concerning for players, mumps can cause sterility (pretty sure its rare, but still). So that sucks.

  • BarelyComments

    Instead of Steve’s oilers preposed trade with kadri and gards… what about a straight up trade jame reimer and kessel for hall and scrivens. I like that a lot better and free’s up 2 mill in cap space

  • BarelyComments

    Trading Kadri would be bad. Leafs are already weak down the middle. Kadri is also great.

    I read a stat that said Kadri is a 70 point guy given his production within ice-time.

    I would look to move Clarkson if anyone would take that contract, followed by Lupul. Cap space is a premium and one would have to go.

    Yakupov is a guy I would try to pry. His skill is being wasted in Edmonton and he won’t reach that potential.