Gauthier on the bubble for Team Canada

With a few more cuts on the way for Team Canada ahead of the annual World Junior tournament, Leafs’ prospect Frederik Gauthier appears to be a last-minute decision. 

Gauthier has been a bit of a divisive prospect among Leafs fans since he was taken in the first round in 2013. While he’s always been viewed as a strong defensive player, many have been disappointed that he hasn’t taken a step forward with his offensive game over the last couple seasons. 

Failing to return to the World Junior team would likely bring up a lot of the same debates about where Gauthier projects as a pro, but should it? We know that the Leafs don’t have a big scorer here, and whether he makes the team or not, he’ll likely still be looked upon as a serviceable bottom-sixer in terms of potential. 

Of course, you want to see your favourite team’s prospects any chance you can get, so hopefully Gauthier brings a solid effort over the weekend and we can watch him suit up in red and white over the next couple weeks while we all drink Screech and egg nog. 

  • BarelyComments

    If he can build his offensive skills next year with the marlies that’s great, but if he doesn’t I don’t mind him being a great shutdown guy in the future, we have lots of talented offense in the future anyways with Gardiner, Rielly, Nylander, Kadri and Kessel

    • Even great shutdown guys have been able to produce offence at the Junior level – that’s the main concern.

      I’m also fine with having a big, strong shutdown centre in the system. I don’t have anything against Gauthier… I’m just not convinced he was the best pick at the time, nor am I convinced he’s a sure-thing to be an effective bottom six guy. Still way too early to tell.