LFR8 – Game 28 – Toronsformers II – Tor 2, Det 1 (SO)

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Optimus is back!

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  • Letters

    I think Bernier is an amazing goalie. But I have never been on my feet cheering for him no matter how great the saves… James Reimer has had the crowd of the ACC standing tall chanting “REIMER REIMER REIMER!” Like goddamn Maximus in Gladiator, several times. I AM ENTERTAINED! You have won the crowd James. Win the starting the position.

    • TGT23

      I think a lot of that has to do with that people have watched Reimer come up through the system, seen his struggles with concussions and some inconsistent or poor play, rooted for him to when he bounced back and went on that playoff run, and died for him in Game 7.

      In many ways, James Reimer has grown up in front of us as an NHL goalie and so… yeah… People root for him harder and more passionately because he feels more like “one of us”. And you always cheer more passionately for the underdog.

      That is James Reimer. He’s the underdog. He’s the guy you feel really bad for when he sucks, and the guy you stand and cheer for when he’s brilliant. Even Bernier fans don’t want Reimer to FAIL. No one wants Reimer to fail. Some just understand the reality of the situation.

      James Reimer is neither the goalie who stunk up the joint his last 13 games of last season (or the post-concussion season) nor is he exactly the goalie who strapped a team to his back and led them to a playoff berth. He’ll always end up falling somewhere in between. He’ll be brilliant some of the time, garbage some of the time. And that’s okay. Because we love him nonetheless.

      Because he’s one of us.

  • Dan

    Not sure where all these haters are coming from….

    To quote Paul MacLean “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, so uhhhh….shake it off or something”.

    Good vid bawd.

  • Bertly83

    yes please explain the Bieber calendar.

    even if it’s because of mrs. dangle, still not acceptable.

    remove it.

    burn it.

    re-burn the ashes.

    re-burn the re-burned ashes.