What Would You Do Wednesday – Who’s Your MVP so far?

The Leafs are 4-0-1 in their past five games, which means they are a good hockey team again and we can all relax and talk about how great life is.

One of the cool things I’ve noticed about the Leafs is, they’re getting some massive performances out of their stars, but also getting major contributions from their secondary players. It’s tough to say who’s been Toronto’s most valuable player through 24 games, but that’s why you’re here.

There are the usual suspects… Phil Kessel is scoring at over a point-per-game pace and is on track to crack the 40-goal mark for the first time in his career. Tyler Bozak, despite being the worst hockey player on the planet (???), has 23 points. James van Riemsdyk has 20 points and is handsome.

Beyond those top three guys, wow, there’s actual secondary scoring! Cody Franson has been bloody fantastic and leads the defence corps with 17 points in 22 games. Leo Komarov and Mike Santorelli have 16 points apiece. Daniel Winnik only has nine points but has been impressive nonetheless.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think it’s safe to say that this team is like, the 13th most-perfect team in the entire league (at time of publication).

The Situation

Let’s say you’re a smart hockey executive that works in the Leafs organization, and it’s your job to award the 2014 First Quarter MVP Trophy (not a real thing) to one of your players. Who do you give it to? 

This is a very important question and I am not nearly smart enough to answer it. Please help me out in the comments section below.

Oh Yeah, About That Last WWYD Wednesday..

People think Jeremy Ian is a smart and sophisticated man with a plan.

Jeremy Ian

Meanwhile, CMpuck got slammed for trying to trade away Bernier and Reimer.


  • the gud ganadian kid ummmm errr whats his name clarkson been such a grit chart players and brings grit and grit to this team. He should be called uhh uhmmm whats his name wendel clarkson cuz hes such a gud mimico kid.

  • Benjamin

    I think it’s boring going with Kessel, JVR etc. So I’m going with the MVP excluding Kessel, Bozak, JVR, Kadri, Lupul, Phaneuf, Franson and the goalies.
    And… It’s gotta be Komarov. The SOB is scoring at around a 50pts /82 gms while still chirping in 6 different languages. Pissing people off then playing the piano as they go to the penalty box. How do you not just feel amazing when he scores. And in honour of Steve, I will Mimico him in my own way. LEEMAN KOVER!!!!

  • Benjamin

    To answer your question, as an executive of MLSE, I would look at value in terms of productivity versus total salary, and as such present my top three choices:

    Player %Tm Pts %Tm Salary +/-
    Santorelli 7.58% 2.20% 5.38%
    Bozak 10.5% 6.16% 4.74%
    Komarov 7.58% 4.33% 3.25%

    Those are my top three picks for the first Quarter.


  • Jeremy Ian

    On sheer performance, it’s Kessel, no question — but it’s obvious. Without him, the Leafs are toast. As it were.

    But did Kessel cause the turn-around? No.

    If there’s a player behind the turn around, I am with the Komarov-boosters.

    (And Justin, since you referenced my earlier post, my guess is that a lesson has been learned; after the Sabres-Preds debacles, Carlyle did NOT retreat to his earlier habits of over-relying on his tired top lines, persecuting the younger players [though sometimes his handling of Kadri is still astonishing], and Bernier. Finally, we are seeing a fourth line and letting the younger guys just play…..)

  • Honestly? It should be Bernier. As well as the team has played, and as great as the secondary scoring has been, The Buds would be nowhere near as high in the standings without him.
    Now I know he’s let in a couple weak goals this season, but he more than makes up for it with his 30+ saves per game.

  • jasken

    I would say the assistant coaches because they actually got these guys to listen and actually getting production. Throw in the fact their actually starting to look like a hockey team.

  • CMpuck

    Love that people are getting distracted by the shiny thing, wow did Franson have a three good games in a row? BFD, I love Bernier but is he really the stud goaltender we need for years, Kadri and Lupul even had a good game, this is that small sample size where the Leafs historically made terrible judgement calls, putting another year on JFJ’s contract for a good November, extending guys like Tucker, Garbovski and JML rewarding/celebrating mediocrity. It’s great until the buyout hangover right guys, Go Leafs Go

    So are we going to invest in Kadri and Franson, you want to put 8-12 million per on these horses long term?

    I’m the idiot for looking at the bigger picture though.

    • Good to see an intelligent fan posting in here. You will see on Saturday night an organization that has had very successful solid hockey teams for the past decade with the exception of last year. The Canucks simply went out and got a good junior coach, brought in an excellent assistant General Manager from the Bruins in Jim Benning and made as president a really classy individual on and off the ice in Trevor Linden. Presto the Canucks are 18 and 7 and meanwhile the leafs who haven’t been over 85 points in 7 years bring in a yes man in Shanahan who hasn’t the keys to the executive wash room just as Ken Dryden didn’t a decade before him and a bunch of snotty kid stat geeks. The leafs well they do have 4 more wins than Buffalo.

    • TGT23

      Franson has been good more than just three games, and Kadri has been one of the most consistent players on the team. Just because his play isn’t rewarded with tons out points he’s not been good? One good game? I can’t remember him having more than one BAD game.

      So yes, let’s sign our young, under 25y/o future superstars for 8-12m… Because Gardiner is at 4.25 and 8m would mean Kadri is making less than Bozak… And is a far superior player.

      And yes, Bernier has proven he can be a solid to above average starting goaltender. Did it last year when he was on a Vezina nominee pace before injury and is doing it again this season. A bad game here or there does nothing to change that. Nor does your skepticism.

  • CMpuck

    As weird as it sounds, I might be inclined to pick Phaneuf, especially since the Nashville disaster. He’s been so solid for our d core. If not him, then probably Franson or Komarov.

      • TGT23

        If he were a pylon how could he skate? Or shut down OV, or limit Crosby? Keep on with your irrational hate and ignorance though.

        MVP goes to Leo. After him, Clarkson, Bernier, Kadri, Santa, Dion, and maybe Franson deserves a little love.

  • CMpuck

    I’m going to vote for Carlyle. I know its an unpopular answer but he has shown the ability to manage the toronto media, the big egos of the leaf players who are unwilling to play defence and the fortitude to turn the losing ship around.

  • May_Day

    That’s tough. I’m torn between two players.

    Uncle Leo the fan favourite (myself included) has been stellar, and silenced contract critics right out the gate. I loved him 2 years ago, and glad to see him back doing what he does best, hit everything that moves, generate 9841 scoring chances/turnovers a game, and CAPITALIZE!

    But also in the mix I have to include Cody Franson. As a member of an “inconsistent” defensive core, Franson has been a shining light. He generates offence, is sound defensively, doesn’t give up the puck, but also isn’t very flashy. I always say, if I don’t notice a defenseman (excluding those of the offensive type) then he’s good in my books (not making mistakes, not leaving guys unchecked, etc). Franson has done this but with the added bonus of 17 pnts in 22 games!

    Therefore, it’s a toss up between Uncle Leo, and Cody Franson