Monday Mailbag: Tuesday Mailbag Edition


I had a day off yesterday. I cleaned my room, did laundry, and took care of errands. It’s been a long few weeks, so it was good to get that all out of the way.

I also forgot to write the mailbag. Whoops. But there’s lots of stuff to talk about!

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Jeremy asked: What do you feel is going on with Phaneuf? One second he plays with some emotion and then as if he couldn’t care in the least. For a player that wears a C on his chest, you would expect heart and emotion like that of Komarov.

I wonder if the idea of emotion here comes from skating patterns. Dead serious. Phaneuf yaps quite a bit compared to most high-profile players and seems involved in the “discussion” end of the game, but because he isn’t sprinting around the ice, he seems like he cares less. A bit of that comes from him not being overly fast, yet still a decent technical skater. A bit of that also comes from him playing so many minutes – he can’t crash and bang like Komarov, who on some nights will play for half the time.

Question his play all you want, but I don’t get the impression that he doesn’t care; chasing doesn’t imply interest and not chasing doesn’t imply a lack of one.

Harry asked: How have Tom Nilsson & Viktor Loov looked with the marlies so far?

There haven’t been many bright spots on the Marlies roster, particularly on their defence, but these two have probably been the best pairing. I don’t think being from the same country makes them magically have chemistry, but a more natural form of communication probably helps them both. Loov is the closest thing the Marlies have to an offensive defenceman at the moment, which is neat.

LeafsMisery asked: Hey what is going on with Matt Finn? I was expecting him to have a decent year with the Marlies but the stats are really uninspiring. Is he getting ice time? is he struggling/injured? Is he just playing on a bad team?

It may just be an adjustment to the professional game. He’s making a lot of rookie mistakes and doesn’t seem to be making confident decisions with the puck. I still have a lot of faith in his game, but he might need a few months to get a grasp of things. He’s also coming off a training camp injury, which can’t help things. Finn is getting the standard split of minutes at even strength and is getting some time on the powerplay as well.

@Alex_Mac97 asked: What’s it like in Ricoh on the nights where they gave tickets away for fan fest?

The first game back from the road trip (a loss to Rochester) was the main fan fest ticket night. It wasn’t much different from any other crowd, perhaps with the exception of a slightly higher attendance. 

@hamswims asked: Fav Leaf of all time who doesn’t have the stats to back it up? (Mine is Terry Yake or Lonny Bohonos).

Martin Skoula. Technically, he was a Leaf for less than 24 hours and didn’t suit up for the team at any point, but man, what a day.

  • It just appears that the Marlies have lost their way with the promotion of Spott, even though I was not a Spott guy coming in from Kitchener. It appears as if there is an adjustment period. This Marlie team appears to be a young team and a new coach, so it may need some time to gell.

    • That is relatively simple. You see a fair number of media people these days are too lazy to cover other sports. They would rather just be jock sniffers of the leafs. Oh sure they might jump on the Raptors band wagon later this year. But why be a professional sports journalist when you don’t have to. Same situation in Vancouver where the city lost its N.B.A., thanks partly to most of the sports media ignoring the Grizzlies. Look who is number one now in the N.B.A.