LFR8 – Game 23 – Power – Wsh 2, Tor 6

Screen shot 2014-11-30 at 4.18.07 PM

The Leafs won and someone punched a ref. All in all a good night.

  • Avro

    Hey Steve, great video. I listened to the podcast as well. I found it disturbing, never do anything like that again please.

    Also, I had to listen to the second period on the radio, and twice Joe Bowen referred to Leo Komarov as Uncle Leo. Just thought that was cool, cuz you sort of invented that.

    • Avro

      Hey Steve I love your LFRS I have been watching for a long time but I have a question … Why No MO this year for Mo-vember? Did I miss an episode that clarified this or just a Mrs Dangle said NO 2 MO ? ! LOL Keep up the GRRREAT work ! : )