Pat Quinn Passes Away

Former Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman and Head Coach Pat Quinn passed away on Sunday night at Vancouver General Hospital.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario on January 29th, 1943, Quinn made his NHL debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1968/69. He spent two seasons with the team, playing 99 games and notching fifteen points before moving on to Vancouver and Atlanta, where he retired in 1977. His playing career is probably best highlighted by this hit on Bobby Orr.

After his playing career was over, Quinn moved on to coaching. He spent four seasons behind the bench of the Philadelphia Flyers, three in Los Angeles, a hair over four in Vancouver, before joining the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1998/99, turning a struggling team around and bringing them to the Eastern Conference Finals. Quinn remained the coach of the Leafs until 2005/06, and even spent a few of those years dual-shifting as General Manager as well. After Toronto, Quinn spent a year coaching the Edmonton Oilers.

Over his NHL coaching career, Quinn made 15 playoff appearances, heading to the conference finals four times (two with Toronto) and the Stanley Cup Finals twice. He boasted a 684-528-154-34 record, leaving him fourth all time in wins. In the playoffs, his record of 94-89 puts him over 0.500.

As well, Quinn had spectacular success internationally, leading Canada’s 2002 Olympic, 2004 World Cup, 2008 U18, and 2009 World Junior teams to Gold Medals, along with coaching the 2006 Spengler Cup and Olympic teams.

Quinn was 71.

  • Dan

    RIP Pat Quinn. You will be missed dearly. You coached arguably the best leaf team in the past few decades, and definitely helped shape my love for the game.

    On a side note: Did anyone else notice in the Pat Quinn-Bobby Orr video how fans were able to reach over the glass? It’s crazy to see the scrum ensue at the end and fans reaching over the glass to hit the player!

    • Jeremy Ian

      Quinn was great. Sigh.

      Fan-player altercations were pretty frequent in the day. On Jan 6, 1972, Flyers fans assaulted the Blues’ bench and provoked an all out brawl. (Flyers fans….so classy). Arbor and a handful of players got dragged to jail.

      I remember the big photo in the Star the next day….

      And you’ll appreciate this one. Tie Domi….

      • Dan

        LOL that is wild man. Thanks for the link. While I’ve seen the Tie Domi clip before, I’ve never seen the Flyers vs. Blues altercation. Best part is when the announcer says “even though the coach and a few of his players spent the night in jail, St. Louis did win the hockey game”….oh the good ol days.