LFR8 – Game 21 – Salute – Det 1, Tor 4

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 3.55.39 AM

The Leafs beat the Red Wings, but more importantly, now we can shut up about the salute thing :D:D:D!!!

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Agreed. A good win. Should be a normal game for a winning team. Let’s put the drama behind us and focus on improvement.

    (Now, having put the gate-thing behind us, what do you all make of Cox’s claim that the decision not to wave was made in the scrum, not as Dian claimed beforehand?)

    Polak’s been what we wanted. Shame to see him injured.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Top of yer effin’ game today Steve-O. LOL’ed 4 times.

    I’m a Roamin’ Polak guy too. He seems to be the defender most likely to pick the right time to jump into the play and do something dangerous. To the other team that is. We have lots of guys who do it the other way.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Truly another Ric Flairian rant on the split personality leafs. A team you want to avoid betting on as you never know what side of the personality will show up.
    About time the lads took care of that pesky Pittsburgh Penguin team from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Say that with a mouthful of popcorn.

    I’m sensing the development of its us against the world mentality with the leaf squad. Which isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps a little pressure also being felt from their numero uno cousins, the high flying, entertaining, exciting, dynamic Toronto Raptors. Perhaps our beloved leafs can own their building similar to the Raptors who have an 8 and 1 winning record in the Air Canada barn.