• Jeremy Ian

    leafs get spanked 2 games in a row they get booed a lot so instead of going to center ice for stick salute they give the fans a one finger salute figuratively speaking of course and skate off the ice. The salute is dumb but the message was clear to the fans. They told them we don’t care what you think don’t care that you buy our jerseys and spend a fortune on tickets you can f yourselves. I’ve defended dion for years he is the best d on team but he needs to get the c ripped off his chest bc players like Gilmour Clark Sundin Roberts Tucker players who would lead by example leave it all on the ice would never disrespect their fans like that. For them to even have to make a gesture like that shows how dysfunctional the team really is and a trade to one or more core players is needed.

    • TGT23

      That’s what you read from that?

      What I read was “You insult us, throw our jerseys on the ice, boo us, support us when it is convenient to you, flood our social media with insults and verbally assault our wives and girlfriends… To hell with you”.

      And that is fair. These players don’t owe us anything. Especially with how they are treated. Does James Reimer owe us anything after his wife had death threats thrown at her? Does Dion? No.

      We get the respect we give and until we clean up our fandom and get those kinds of idionts out, the players don’t owe us a salute.

      You say those guys would never have disrespected the fans like that. Well the fans never used to disrespect the players like that. The fan base has become classless. The captain used to get respect from the fans. He used to be revered, held above all others rightfully or not.

      Now all the fans do is nitpick the captain. Insult him for everything. Attack his family. Attack him. Never give credit but always give blame. They treat him like dirt, demand he be traded. Belittle his play even when there is nothing to be upset about.

      The fans are the problem. Not the captain.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Clearly neither you or Jesse have played serious hockey if you don’t know what a captain does. They’re by no means useless .

    And calling the original six NHL a “Rec” league ? Kill yourself idiot.

  • CMpuck

    Win a cup in six team league doesn’t mean anything? Ummmm…. think for a second if tomorrow there were only six teams in the league how deep the talent would be. That’s like saying Olympic medals don’t count because their only five teams that are competitive. Bring back Chris or keep Jesse, whatever, show’s still good.

    • TGT23

      Sure, but you’re going from a huge pool of guys who’ve grown up watching the game, and were selected from a massive pool of an even larger pool of hockey fans.

      Teams in the 40s were made up of guys who drank and smoked on the bench, were guys who cared about a game that was barely in prominence, and weren’t over in the war. They were not the best of the best of the best, they were the best of the people who showed up.

      • CMpuck

        So in the summit series, were the Russians all clubbing drunks? Read Tretiak’s autobiography to see how discipline the USSR athletes were in the 70s not to mention the juice, somehow our drunks beat them.