LFR8 – Game 20 – Exhale – TB 2, Tor 5

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Dear toronto sports media and gold seat owning fans at the acc…
    Its just hockey. You treat it like its some sort of supernatural higher than life religion. The team is loaded with talent. You are making this franchise the laughing stock of not just the nhl but north american pro sports. Even the yankees have less drama. Yes steve simmons , you are a ‘puke’ as brian Burke has indicated. If u ever had to get off your fat opinionated ass and get a real job you would be screwed. If u want to see positive results…maybe lay off the team…most of them are a bunch of kids trying to find a groove and it doesn’t make things easier plastering them all over the media. Im a fan of the actual team…its exciting hockey and keeps me entertained. If u get so mad at hockey. ..Maybe you should take up golf….find some scandal in that sport.
    Gold seat owners. ..u pay mlse 200 a seat…that is your choice. Quit throwing your 200 dollar jerseys on the ice…obviously you have more money than brains and lack the passion that people with less in life have for the game. You dont deserve a post game salute. Maybe lose the suits and shelf the sushi when u come to a game….grab a hot dog and get mustard on a sweater for god sakes.
    At least you don’t riot like vancouver fans…oh but wait…who would riot wearing a suit? At least theres some passion in that fanbase.

    • BubbaLou

      You know what, I’m looking at the Jerseys tossed on the ice – I don’t think a single one yet is a legit jersey. The colours look so off – sometimes you can see the stitching on the replay, it looks off too.

      Wouldn’t that be so #PlatinumSeats to not even buy the real thing?

  • Nate

    I see everywhere in the blogosphere that the Leafs are a poor possession team because they play too passively and don’t enter the offensive zone with controlled entries.
    Sounds reasonable enough.

    Having said that, I think there’s a case to be made that this team’s possession numbers would actually get worse if they tried more controlled entries and aggressive play. Why? I don’t think they have the personnel for it. Their team is too young and full of gamblers already.
    Think about it… they already are one of the worst turnover teams in the league. Gardiner, as talented as he is, makes awful decisions with the puck sometimes. This would only worsen if he was encouraged to play more aggressively.

    I think they encourage dump and chase because it’s the lesser of two evils. However, they don’t have the personnel to play dump and chase either.
    It’s a lose-lose scenario.

    Regardless, Carlyle must go. This is a slam-dunk decision. It’s an insult to the fans to sit by and do nothing. The Tampa game didn’t change anything. Even with a flawed roster, you have to at least TRY to see if a different coach can get more out of this team.

    • BubbaLou

      Theres sooo much talent here…I agree carlyle must go
      But then what?
      Does that change what theyve been practising or does it just affect the manic line juggling that happens?
      It seems the new assistants are doing a good job in changing systems…do one of those guys get the job and does that screw with practises?
      im just a painter who has enjoyed watching the leafs so im asking out of curiosity. I would like to see babcock..but tgat wont happen till summer. Maybe its best to let randy f$ xk things up and let the assistants keep doing a good job. Is it possible that the development of our new system could be jeopardized by moving up an assistant?

  • BubbaLou

    I’m just going to drop this here- Salutegate is not a thing. The media could be talking about the team’s strategy on ice, breaking down the situations that players make good or bad plays; or the cap situation of the team, considering the core is signed to long term no trade deals; or why this team is statistically still just average, even though it’s amazingly inconsistent from game to game; or The Game We Just WON – you know, “sports content”.

    Instead we get to hear Sportsnet and TSN talking non-stop on “people waving at them”. “What will you tell your 6 year old kid?” – The answer is I don’t know, it’s your kid. You tell them what you want, this is in no way my problem. Next question.

    If you listen to sports radio, and I don’t blame you for not, Friedman’s segment on 590 was amazing. FWIW, I’ve never seen Ferraro, Friedman, McKenzie, or Marek give their opinions with anger, or with a personal bias against that player, and they get the most respect from me.

    • BubbaLou

      i use a site called sportspyder…its like a search engine for pro sports…plug in your team and league and it finds most popular publications for you team. I swear 9 out of 10 articles were about the non wave…the the medias reaction to the non wave, then the players reaction to the medias reaction about the non wave. Christ..i would just like a link for the game in 6…or gloat about jvr and berniers amazing games…or polaks hail mary goal…these guys are out of control.
      steve simmons, steve buffery, damien cox, you are all as$h0l3s
      you are so amateur for making a thing out of this. Strap on some skates and try jerseying phaneuf…or clarkson…see how far u get.
      I love this team. Even if they lose…its still entertaining…11 goals in one game??? lol
      Poor carlyle…yes hes not the “one” but hes still a human…hes an ontario boy for god sakes…i bet the success of this team would increase if the media backed off…just a bit ..or let one guy in to do the interview. Like STEVE DANGLE! buddy…you rock…im 34 and my 4 year old daughter and I look forward to your lfr’s and real fan viewpoints…dont ever change man because you are the essence of what a fan/reporter should be. If I were still living in ontario I would be spray painting anti steve simmons messages all over highway signs…hmm maybe a few will pop up on vancouver island 🙂
      Im so choked at the media and im 5000 km away…they shoud be ashamed.

      • Jeremy Ian

        I like your spirit.

        But there’s a lesson in here for Leafs management and leadership:

        Control the message.

        One has to assume that Sun and some Star writers are invested in inflaming non-issues to draw attention to themselves. It’s a given.

        So, don’t give them stuff!

        What this last week exemplified is the absence of control at the top. It’s all reaction, which makes you do dumb things like throw Kessel under the bus of moron reporters, and force players to have to endure stupid questions in the locker room.

        To the extent that Salutegate is an issue it’s about poor management and leadership. Not to salute was churlish. But someone in control has to let the players know that they should not give in to their feelings about the idiots who throw jerseys, others who would rather yack it up at the bar than watch the game, and Steve Simmons. Someone in control has to make sure their players aren’t routinely exposed the worst of human nature that tempts them to snub back.

        People in control have…… control! Use it!

  • BubbaLou

    Dangler said in the podcast that the Leafs had better possession under Wilson and Maurice.. ouch?
    Duh and/or hello, Randy? Someone call Kenny Loggins, he’s in the danger zone.