LFR8 – Game 19 – NOPE – Nsh 9, Tor 2

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 11.31.46 PM




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  • Great video Steve. Kind of sums up what the collective Leafs fan-base is feeling at the moment.

    I was a bit calmer before watching. Blood’s boiling a bit more now though, but I’m still trying to keep my composure. Those 3 recent wins prior to the loosing streak sure didn’t help this team out.

    It was a brutal lose tonight. Saturday’s lose hurt too because it was the freaking SABRES! It’s still early in the season though, so I’m really hoping for a hell of a lot of change in the next few days with both the coaching staff (looking at you Randy) and roster personnel. Even a major management change would be welcome, but who am I kidding. There should be no illusions about the capabilities of this team. They will never, ever get anywhere with the current roster. Keep as many young pieces as you can and start selling off the rest. I don’t want the Leafs to tank, but it’s time to rebuild this team, the proper way.

    Here’s to hoping a wholesale shakeup is coming to the Maple Leafs.

  • Dan

    This game was as one sided as a Soviet election. Yikes. Here’s hoping to some considerable changes within the next few weeks. As for the reaction, it was Spott on. Definitely time to Panik.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I am with the folks who thank you Steve for venting our collective rage. And I am one of the older-timers who was just old enough to remember 1967 and been through the dark ages.

    What’s agonizing about this particular team is the gap between the talent/potential and the product. There are enough pieces on this team to make the streaks look credible, but then wham. Wham again.

    I used to be more in the “nudge” camp — we’re just nudge away for the team to get itself onto a track to make the playoffs and compete behind good goaltending.

    Not any more. I am joining the gang that says there’s something more fundamentally wrong.

    If I am Shanahan, I don’t fire anyone now. That’s too reactive, and decision-making in a fury (which is what we fans get to dream about) is not good management. But start the complete reassessment of everything on the team. Nothing is sacred except Morgan Rielly. But the rest needs a complete re-thinking.

    Good decisions need a plan. I am afraid it’s time for Shanahan to create one of his own and start over. What Burke-Nonis built is not working, and all previous electric shocks — Game 7 meltdown, 18-wheelers twice, horrible stats, the Buffalo game, now this…. have yet to convince the brass that there’s more wrong than cliches about compete level. This team is now done.

    (Man, does the Grabo buy-out look stupid right now)

    • FlareKnight

      Montreal is leading our division. They have a bit more flexibility to lose a game here and there. They’ve gone far enough and done enough to believe they’ll be in the playoffs and far closer to having a crack at the cup than we are.

  • BubbaLou

    Steve, truly a classic rant. I just flew back into God’s country last night after a cruise with the better half. I was soooo excited to be able to get away from the leafs for a couple of weeks and then I looked at the Grand Princess captain’s name, RON WILSON. I seriously looked over the side of the deck to see if this was the titanic two.

    Unfortunately 24/7 the American natives watched N.F.L., N.C.A.A. Lingerie, Football. I squinted at the bottom of the screen and saw the horrific scores of the leafs games.

    But as I said to you, there is an antidote to leafitis, namely the number one team in the east, the Toronto Raptors. Now I had to bury my autographed Dougy Gilmore sweater in the bottom of the suitcase so I wouldn’t be laughed at on the cruise ship.

    However I wore my Kyle Lowry jersey with pride as it helped me win the world, international 3 point shooting contest as I represented Canada. Nothing like hitting nothing but net with the winning shot as I kicked 25 year old’s asses. Am I a bit older than them YESSSSS. So you see Steve I feel your pain, I’ve lived with being a leaf fan so long that I remember going out in the morning with Moses and watching him raise Johnny Bower’s goalie stick and spread the red sea. That night George Armstrong stick handled through the entire Habs team and put the puck top shelf, okay it was an empty netter. But I remember Steve it was Canada’s centennial year, Eric Clapton was 22 freaking years old. He is planning to retire. Why do us old farts stay loyal. It is the pain Steve, you get addicted to it. You are truly a masochist to stay loyal for 47 freaking years and take the abuse from friends, enemies, relatives etc. We are Chicago Cubs fans north. I’m telling you Steve I’ll out live Moses BUT I WILL SEE ANOTHER LEAF CUP.

    Btw I bought drinks for the kids after beating them in three point shooting. I had to cash in my old age pension cheque first.