Leafs Postgame: Beatdown


Coming into tonight’s game all the talk was about the last time the Boston Bruins visited Toronto.  It was October 25th, and the Bruins dominated the Leafs en route to a 4-1 victory.  Well, the Leafs were looking for some payback and they certainly got it tonight, throttling their long-time rivals for a big 6-1 win.


All you need to know about tonight’s game is that the Leafs were better than the Bruins from start to finish.  Some games call for a more detailed breakdown, but tonight isn’t one of them.  Below you’ll find all six Leaf goals so you can relive tonight’s win one more time:

1st Period – Phil Kessel assisted by Dion Phaneuf and Cody Franson (6:46)

2nd Period – Phil Kessel assisted by Tyler Bozak and James van Riemsdyk (0:18)

Morgan Rielly assisted by Peter Holland (1:34)

Tyler Bozak (powerplay) assisted by James van Riemsdyk and Cody Franson (3:32)

James van Riemsdyk (powerplay) assisted by Tyler Bozak and Jake Gardiner (9:51)

3rd Period – Peter Holland (powerplay) assisted by Leo Komarov and Mike Santorelli (7:21)


Moving into a tie for 3rd in league scoring with two more goals tonight, Phil Kessel is your Blue Warrior.


  • Phil Kessel versus the Bruins with Zdeno Chara: 3 goals and 10 assists in 25 games played.  Phil Kessel versus the Bruins without Zdeno Chara: 2 goals and 1 assist in 3 games played.
  • Tonight’s Toronto Corsi King is Richard Panik with a 60.87 CF%.  Team Corsi totals: Boston 55.77 CF%, Toronto 44.23 CF% (though some of that is score effects).
  • It may get lost in the shuffle, but Jonathan Bernier was excellent tonight, stopping 25 of 26 shots for a .962 save percentage.
  • It’s worth noting also that the Leafs were 3-4 on the powerplay tonight.
  • The Komarovaissance continues: with another assist tonight, Leo Komarov now sits 4th in team scoring with 11 points in 16 games.
  • Peter Holland has 7 points in his last 7 games.
  • The Leafs are 6-1-1 in their last 8 games.


The Leafs play host to the Pittsburgh Penguins Friday at 7:30PM Eastern on TSN4.

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  • BubbaLou


    -This was an even more awesome possession hockey game the Leafs have played than Buffalo, because we did it to archenemies – a real NHL team at that – FOR ALL SIXTY FREAKING MINUTES. IT HAPPENED!! Yes, in Corsi(blocked shots count as offense) the Leafs were out-chanced as reflected above. But in Fenwick(blocks don’t count as offense) the leafs trounced the Bruins for periods 1 and 2, and fell off in the third as you might expect with a 5-1 Lead.

    -If that’s over your head, in the good old SOG statistic, it was over %60 leafs through 1 and 2. We held Boston to 26 SOG. If you missed this game watch highlights it was AWESOME 😀

    -The important thing was the Leafs never stopped pressing the play to Boston though we had the game in the bag. Even if it wasn’t always the most meaningful offense and we were protecting a giveaway/rush, just the threat of us doing so drew penalties and wasted Boston’s time. Then we did get genuine offense as Peter Holland added a notch on a PP, as a bonus for our work. Boston had serious trouble getting anything going late because we played a 200 foot game to the buzzer – no Turtle mode!

    -Phil Kessel leads the league in multipoint games so far, leads the league since 2011-2012 in points now, is 2nd in the league for even strength goals. It’s time this city gets over the fact that everybody – it’s mathematically impossible to escape – goes through ups and downs over seven months and start liking this guy.

    -Everyone had a night, even people who didn’t make the score sheet. Even Kadri, held without a point, looked dangerous with his passes and drew a call late that turned into a PP goal. I think he needs a credible scoring threat on his wing – When Lupul and Booth get healthy…

    -Gardiner had a great game -Bad Turnover Free!- and was an offensive juggernaut. Rielly was a force too and potted a rebound off the rush using dat speed.

    -Maybe the only leaf who had a mediocre night was Stephane Robidas. He had the worst turnover of the night early in the first(if Gardiner did that, there would be pitchforks), and was nearly undressed twice in a 5 minute span in the first. But he rebounded. He still had 4 blocks early, one of which was a puck to the junk(!), and finished positive in possession. Quietly effective.

    -I should be fair – Boston had a particularly bad showing. You probably won’t see Bergeron at negative possession and -2 through 25 minutes again. You probably won’t see Lucic looking lost on his line. With Krejci and Chara gone, the top line had all the room in the world and lit Tukka Rask up like a Christmas tree. And hey – at one point, we were 3 for 3 on the Powerplay with 3 shots generated. Just a bit of fortune in this one for Toronto.

    This is the way everybody, from stat nerd to your grandpa, wants to see a Leafs team play. Dominate offense, your scoring talents overwhelm them, and you choke them out of chances until the refs stop the game.

    • Jeremy Ian

      I agree with your assessment of Robidas. Great game overall. But if one were looking for places to tweak, this game cast the spotlight on him. If only because everyone else played well. When things go badly, it’s less visible.

      So, if the Leafs are a very good offensive team (which they are), how to plug the defense? What do you think?

      PS: Polak is a solid anchor on the blue line. He’s taking big minutes, has stamina on the boards, and looked like he wanted to wanted to eat Marchand all night. Good stuff.

    • BubbaLou

      I like the sequence he had early where he had the puck, spun and fell down for no reason, shook off the defender, and kept the cycle running anyway.

      As much as he may have tried, there were too many other people destroying Boston in more meaningful ways tonight to really notice him.

  • BubbaLou

    I gotta agree with Bobby Lou here. The leafs competed for a full 60 minutes.

    And Bozak/Kessel/JVR look like they re-motivated to keep playing with one another.

  • STAN

    The one thing I am excited about is – we still have great players waiting to come on this team. Booth is coming back soon, Lupul is going to be returning and Kozun is little over a month away but will be returning.

    • May_Day

      Just imagine if they all came back tomorrow, we have a hard time sending people down. Which is a good thing!

      It’s nice to have options 😛

      My guess is it would look something like this…





      • Jeremy Ian

        guys, I agree that these are all good options to have. Been a long time since the team had this luxury.

        But I think Clarkson needs a strong puck-carrying centerman like Santo or Holland.

        Also, I would not mess with the current first line. It’s not Anyone-Crosby-Anyone, or Getzlaf-Perry-whomever. But it’s on fire.

  • STAN

    The one thing I am excited about is – we still have great players waiting to come on this team. Booth is coming back soon, Lupul is going to be returning and Kozun is little over a month away but will be returning.

    • Jeremy Ian

      You would keep Clarkson with Kadri? I have yet to see them get the right chemistry.




      Panik-Santo-Leivo (great game along the boards last night/Booth

      Either way, 4 great lines and pieces for an effective PK/PP





        option 2. i don’t think there could be more balance in the lineup than this.
        you’d literally get offence (and defence) from all four lines.

  • CMpuck

    Every few games Gardiner gives you a glimpse of why may have a higher cleaning than Rielly, if Gardiner gets it together on a consistent basis, that’s a big if, Leafs will have an amazing blueline.

    Enough rumors, Gardiner is a experiment that is well worth be patient with.