BozFeed: 17 Too Many Cooks Cast Members Recast With Leafs


Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past week you’ve probably been subjected to the Too Many Cooks video by Adult Swim which lampoons 80s sitcoms. If you have been in hiding, I envy you. Nonetheless, we’ve been given the short window of opportunity to milk this cultural phenomenon for easy web traffic and that’s what we’re going to do. Unless you’d really like to see a BozFeed on Leafs paired with Gangam Style reaction Youtube videos, then let me know in the comments. If that’s not the case, here are 16 Too Many Cooks cast members recast with Toronto Maple Leafs.


Let’s get the Carter Ashton PEDs joke out of the way early by casting him as the ridiculously muscular Clayton Russell. Carter Ashton also seems kind hearted enough to always bring chicken nuggets to a party.


Less kind hearted is Frazer McLaren, who always seems to get joy from harming others. He’s our easy choice to replace Zack Shires.


I’m not accusing Andrew MacWilliam of being a peeping tom, but throw a pair of glasses on him and he could certainly step in for Will Dove.


Sometimes you forget Coat is even there, the same can be said for David Booth.


Josh Lowder is a thug with piercing eyes. David Clarkson, ditto.


Who’s damn good looking and knows it? Why that’s Gwydion Lashlee-Walton Jonathan Bernier.


Robotic features. Check

Blends into the background. Check.

Named Matt. Check. 

Matt Frattin replaces Matthew Sparks.


Fair enough, he’s (thankfully) not a Leaf any more, but Mark Fraser’s upper cut/beard combo say Shawn Coleman.


Speaking of people who thankfully aren’t with the Leafs, Claude Loiselle bears a striking resemblance to cook Gregory Rose.


There’s something awfully swarmy about Ben Peck, and swarmy is a character trait that Tim Leiweke has in spades.


Dylan and Logan Schoenthal and Jake Gardiner and Morgan Rielly, quadruplets separated at birth.


This one might take some explaining. The first explanation is that Phil Kessel is a big guy and probably likes pie. He also like Bozak. Boom, case closed.

The lengthier explanation involves a closer look at pie. Fundamentally pie is a second tier dessert. It’s not something you trot out if you really want to blow someone away, but it safely meets the standards of “here’s a dessert for you”. Pie isn’t your go to for big days. You shouldn’t have pie at weddings, birthdays, and the only time pie gets a chance to shine is at Thanksgiving, when you’ve already been blown away by the rest of the meal. Finally for pie to achieve it needs support. Pie needs ice cream, whipped cream, etc. to excel. Pie on it’s own can be disappointing. Bozak is pie.


Marc Foley is a clueless boob who is the laugh stock of the office. Dave Nonis also has round features.


Cameron Markeles is the child genius who hopefully has the smarts to save the cooks from their doom. Kyle Dubas, no pressure.


Same haircut. Both want to helpfully hand you something. You can probably consider Truman Orr and William Nylander than wave of the future.


Yeah, you had to know this comparison was coming by now.


Too Many Cooks, much like the Leafs need someone to save them from the madness. That responsibility falls on Smarf and Kessel, though my understanding is Smarf is much better with the media.

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  • That Bozak description… I love you man.

    But on a side note, I’d say Bozak is comparible to a waffle. Bland and tasteless, made of some chewy plastic crap but gets the job done those mornings where you know you may as well eat something or starve the whole day. Just slightly better than nothing. Bam, Bozak.