TLN Roundtable – Sponsoring the Leafs

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With news that advertising and sponsorship logos may be making their way to NHL jerseys, we asked our team of writers to create some mock-ups of new Leafs jerseys. Please note that all of these mock ups are very well thought out and are highly likely to become reality.

Jon Steizter

Since the Leafs will take full advantage of the opportunity to print money and have companies tripping over themselves to get on their jersey, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. 

The Leafs will want to respect local grassroots businesses, so respected business owners like the Ford Family and Frank D’Angelo will have their logos prominently featured on the shoulders. 

The Leafs will then take advantage of deep pockets. Halliburton will get the lower stripe, and because of the cost involved on being featured on the logo, only Biffco, from alternate timeline 1985 can afford to be on the Leaf. 


In contrast to the Leafs, it is likely the Panthers jersey will be used as an alternative to the Pennysaver. 


Bobby Cappuccino

Editor’s Note: When I asked Bobby if he’d be sending along a description to go with his jersey, he said “I don’t think it needs one lol.” He isn’t wrong.


Justin Fisher

I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses, and I think this is a perfect opportunity for the Toronto Maple Leafs to join forces with one of the city’s most iconic and most successful brands…


  • Oh God no, please don’t let this happen.

    Plaster the boards and ice, arena walls and stairs, even those electronic ads you see on the glass behind the nets. Practice jerseys, sure. Just leave the game jerseys alone.

    I would be very upset as a fan if I had to buy a jersey too that came with advertising all over it.

    Jerseys aren’t cheap and then you expect us to advertise for free on top of the purchase price, I think not!

  • At the end of the day, the NHL will do whatever is feels is necessary to make more money and as such this will become a reality one day. In saying that, I think we should not only embrace this fully but also provide assistance to the NHL in what would be appropriate for a Jersey Ad. So for the Maple Leafs I propose the following:

    1) Just For Laughs Comedy Festival
    2) Glen Oakes Golf and Country Club
    3) Moms and Tots Learn to Skate Program
    4) Hockey Ticket Loans LLP – A Luxembourg Bank
    5) European Hockey Players Immigration Services

    If your a fan of another Canadian Hockey team, submit your list for us all to enjoy. Cheers!