LFR8 – Game 13 – Panik Point – Tor 3, Col 4 (SO)

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 4.03.26 PM

The Leafs lose but it’s actually kind of a miracle they even got a point!



  • BubbaLou

    I’m with you on the game – after that kind of first period I was bracing for a gong show, that we even got a point was great.

    Apparently Reto Berra was tending a .932 before the game on that TSN graphic? You would have fooled me – by the eye it seemed both goalies were fighting to keep up.

    I’m still floored our coach benched the fast, puck-moving defence man (who has, until then, been getting some modest praise for his play) against the Avalanche of all teams. Assuming he had a bad game against ARZ, and I’m not even sure he was the goat of the game, what message do you send by not playing your assets on the nights best suited to make them look good? If you really wanted to hold people accountable, this team’s defence gives you options!!

    “Will he play the kids – no””Fourth Line – no””Healthy scratches – still make no sense””strange in game decisions – oh yeah”. Sometimes I wonder if he’s daring someone to fire him.

  • BubbaLou

    Is there an echo in here??? Poor Bubbla. Speaking of sucking, one can gets the distinct impression that Bernier must have been a huge fan of Toskala when he was growing up. Yep a protege of Toskala in coughing up a goal in the last 10 minutes or 10 seconds of o.t. HELLO ZETTLEBERG.

    Yep a huge moral victory for the leafs as they get a crucial point but gave up a point which when the addition is completed at the end of the season and the leafs have their usual 80 to 85 points, it will be good enough to draft the tenth or eleventh pick in 2015.

    Now Steve Rush Limbaugh a master of satire was asked one time about how upset he was that Clinton had won the election. Rush replied he was delighted, it supplied him four years of wonderful material to tear Bill and Hilary apart day after day.

    I think you have this dream gig. I mean think about it Steve who else with the exception of a Knick fan, or double your pleasure Cub fan can live in futilityville for decade after decade.

    Could you imagine how boring it would be for you to do your W.W.E. rants on the exciting, entertaining, playoff bound Toronto Raptors.

    Trust me Steve you don’t have to worry about the leafs disappointing you in the near future by winning. To quote the great Canadian rock band Bachman Turner Overdrive. Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.