Stuart Percy Called Up To Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have called up Stuart Percy from the Toronto Marlies, in anticipation for a west coast mini-road trip. 

Does It Matter?

This is one of those common-sense moves by management. The Leafs are going to be out of town for a couple of days, and it’s always good to have a couple of extra roster players around, be it as injury insurance or for a systematic adjustment.

Percy played one game with the Marlies after being sent down, playing on the first pairing in all situations against the Rochester Americans. Gord Dineen sang his praises afterwards. “He’s a second year pro that looks like a wiley veteran. He’s a stabilizing force out there.”

Oh, And..

Sam Carrick also came up with him. You may be saying “I didn’t know he went back down”, and that’s a fair statement, because it was just a quick-assignment to save some cap space. The Leafs are doing a very good job of cap micro-management, which could come in handy close to the trade deadline. I have to imagine that these are the type of differences they expected Brandon Pridham. 

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  • CMpuck

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about how because Lupul is out Holland gets a bigger role. I think it should be bigger!


    These would be my ideal lines. Give Holland that shot on the top line, but on the wing, that way he has less defensive responsibility and isn’t relied on winning face offs as much and can just go and play some high-skill offensive hockey while developing as a skilled player. He’d be leaving the third line to the likes of Leo, Mike, and Danny, which still sounds like a pretty damn good third line to me.

  • CMpuck

    Percy is this season’s most pleasant surprise, Gardiner, Rielly, Percy, Finn gives me hope that the MSLE doesn’t have to look to free agency or the draft to salvage this blueline.

    • CMpuck

      I’ll be happy to admit I was wrong in my pre-preseason belief that the Leafs would lack defensive depth.

      On paper Phaneuf, Franson, Rielly, Gardiner, Polak, and Robidas. Followed by what many people thought would be questions marks in Granberg, Holzer and the rest of the Marlies.

      Percy has given me confidence with his play and surprising charge onto the Leafs. Though it has only been 11 games and the backend has been healthy, so time will tell how things pan out.