Percy Recalled, Booth Still Hurting, Phaneuf Is Spider-Man

It’s been a relatively slow day at TLN, with the Leafs last playing on Tuesday night and not playing again until tomorrow. Still, here’s some smaller headlines that dropped today…


Looks like that demotion didn’t last long. Stuart Percy didn’t even get a game in with the Marlies before being recalled. There’s been no injury news (unless Dion Phaneuf’s bendy-knee is hurting more than we’ve been lead to believe), so this recall might be simply about the Leafs taking an extra body along with them to Columbus.

Still, some of us are dancing in celebration.


Whether you were eagerly awaiting for him to return to the lineup, or you just forgot he was even on this team, looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer to see David Booth make his regular season debut.

Booth skated today, but it sounds like his foot still smarts.


Oh my god…

Happy Halloween

A photo posted by Dion Phaneuf (@dion_phaneuf3) on

That’s some pretty serious face paint there, Dion. Thank God he didn’t go in blackface.

black spiderman

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  • CMpuck

    I have to say some of the analytics guys are so funny.

    First when Percy was sent to the marlies they said that this was Shanahan’s and Dubas’s way to force Carlyle to play a 4th line. And talking about how Carlyle’s days were numbered.

    And now the leafs call Percy back up, that narrative has dropped as that line of reasoning looks as well thought out and grounded as Loiselle’s ability to manage the cap.

    • BubbaLou

      Don’t forget the timeline of the offseason -t he analytics dpt are basically assistants to the GM hired mid-august, when the last tweaks the Leafs made in the offseason (which was not much) occurred months before. Also, keep in mind that even with the Buffalo game, the leafs are just average in Corsi/Fenwick as per extraskater. Prior to the Buffalo game, we were 4th last – besides the few bright spots in a game, the team hasn’t been ‘lighting it up’ by any measure 😛

      Calling up Percy is a safety measure for a roadtrip like this, likely a replacement if a D goes down as you still have Ashton in the pressbox. If Percy still has the fire he brought in the early season, it will be good, but he’s still just cutting his teeth on the NHL.

      Moves like the Percy recall make me curious – Really, how much control does the stats team have over the game to game decisions the coach makes, since, and I think we all agree here – Randy is basically doing the same crap with TOI/favourites and doghouse we saw last year. Or, is their role limited to evaluating and scouting players for the GM, in which case the leafs made no moves yet in between their arrival and now.

    • MaxPower417

      Are you sure the “narrative” was dropped or did you just not understand it?

      It’s almost like they were okay carrying 6 D-men when they (and the Marlies) were at home, but want to bring a 7th D along on the road trip?

      Nah. Can’t be that.

  • BubbaLou

    From espn:

    Rielly was seen limping off at practice on Wednesday with an undisclosed, lower-body injury after experiencing pain earlier in the practice, Stephen Whyno of the Canadian Press reports.