LFR8 – Game 8 – Brutal – Bos 4, Tor 1

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I’d say I thought the Leafs played bad if I thought it looked like they played at all.

  • KomarovsSkates

    I’m afraid your current rant will be repeated numerous times this season as the sad sack leafs from the warring ownership to the G.M. who saw his assistants sacked to the coach who had his assistants fired, to a president who obviously hasn’t got the keys to the board room washroom, to the total lack of leadership, heart and passion from the likes of the big contract boys, Kessel and Phaneuf, are no better than the crazy Harold Ballard era teams.

    One of the more amusing continuous comments from yourself and other loyal apostles of the new gee whiz geek stat school of thought is that if a guy has a good possession game, well then he must have played a good game. So it doesn’t matter if Kadri and Lupul’s partner has hands of stone, he had that all important good possession game.
    I mean Jake Gardiner had possession of the puck much of the night in his shifts, except when he cowardly turned away from a hit that resulted in the short handed goal. Yep Jakey would take that puck behind his blue line and weave here, there and everywhere running up 10 or 15 seconds as he lost the puck at the Bruins blue line. But we really know Steve, don’t we now that despite that positive possession level that Jakey obtained from the stat gee whiz kids HE SUCKED BIG TIME.

    Now I know you are a graduate of the Nature Boy Slic Ric’s school of ranting, and you are very good at it. So good you are paid. But I realize that the leafs can wear you down that you might end up with leafitis, so I offer you the opportunity on Wednesday night to get that first antidote shot to counteract leafitis by watching the exciting, amazing, entertaining and get this improving, playoff bound Toronto Raptors. Steve it will do wonders for you.

    You are most welcome.

  • Quasijr

    The leafs just need to play their 4th line 10 minutes a game and boom this is a playoff team.

    Fire Carlyle.
    Fire leaf management.
    Fire leaf analytics.

    That would be a good start

    • KomarovsSkates

      For the love of god, what does it take to drill into you guys that the new management structure has had, maybe, three months on this new team? They were even hired AFTER the draft – they had next-to-no time to influence things and were hired after the most important part of the offseason!

      Why does it look so bad and similar you say – because it’s the same! You can’t light-switch this team in a month because the new ‘assistant’ GM is an analytics-guy – actually, I’m really interested in what Charron/Dubas/ et. al. feel about how this team is being run and performing under Carlyle. Cam Charron in particular is known anti-Carlyle – This is a good thing for you guys, right? Seems like a good idea to me.

      Besides, and I’ve never not said this, you don’t even have a large enough sample size to conclusively decide what this team is or isn’t yet. You won’t get good numbers before game 20, and you won’t get definitive numbers until late February. Until then, the stats are interesting, but only as a developing trend.

      Sorry to be the Betty Buzzkill to your Debbie Downer, but no – it’s not a good start to fire the new team a month into the season, after just hiring them almost 3 months ago. You’re definitely what your handle is.

      • Quasijr

        Dude stop telling me how to cheer for my team.

        And you give a cop out of an answer here. You want to give leaf management and their analytics help plenty of time to fail when it is clear what they are. And yet you are ready to jettison Carlyle who was the only leaf coach in the past decade to reach the playoffs.

        Wrong. This whole team and braintrust needs to be gutted. And no more of these analytic bandaids to “fix” tumours and cancer growths that infest the leafs. The biggest problem with the team is not Carlyle nor is it analytics: The bigger problem is the lack of sufficient talent.

        And a better coach or smarter analysis won’t help fix that.

        • KomarovsSkates

          That’s cheering, eh? Play the 4th line, fire everybody… fooled me good.

          I’m telling you point-blank it’s not clear what -anything- is yet, so your concerns about the management team, while not entirely groundless as the head coach and GM have not changed, are not supported yet either. The picture is developing and it’s not good, but I can’t believe you feel a month of a new assistant team is a month too long. Because that’s silly.

          Carlyle inherited a seriously OP team in Anaheim. Look at the cup-winning roster – pretty sure a potato could have been placed on the bench and they would have had a deep run with Pronger/Niedermayer(and his brother at Center) 1st D pairing, young Getzlav/Perry/Penner, Teemu Sellane, and others. Yet in the following years they regressed in performance, up and down but never further than QFs, and progressively allowed more and more shots – 25% more after less than 3 years.

          On the leafs, our performance suffered after the coaching change. That year they made the playoffs? They were TERRIBLE – outshot every game, sometimes 2:1 or worse – and had sky-high shooting rates half a season. Next year, the same performance didn’t work – Nonis bought out, let go, or moved some of the key contributors in the offseason, and our defence actually got worse. Feel free to speculate why – remember, Carlyle is supposedly good at defensive systems, historically lopsided shooting wasn’t supposed to come with it.

          Shanahan made it clear he prefers a ‘wait and see’ approach. I don’t see why that changes after four weeks of reg season.

  • KomarovsSkates

    I unfortunately agree with your rant. The Leafs just seemed like they did not want to play last night. It was just a boring hockey game to watch.

    I don’t want to be one of those fans that’s rants to fire coaches and management when times are tough, but does it seem like Carlyle just doesn’t have any influence in the Leafs locker room to anyone else? Game after game we hear him talk about how the “compete level” wasn’t there or how the guys don’t play the way they’re supposed to. Shouldn’t that be a sign to Leafs management that the coach doesn’t have the room anymore?

    I agree with your point about shuffling lines, but isn’t the only reason Tyler freaking Bozak is a NHL first line centre is due to the fact that he’s the only player Phil Kessel will actually play with?

  • KomarovsSkates

    Bad news for the – Trade x player – crowd. Historically, teams do not trade players until December, only in rare occasions are moves made in the early season.

    So ya know, that’s a bummer.

  • KomarovsSkates

    Leafs are playing terrible, I turned game off early in the second, it was unwatchable. To be honest, I think that’s enough for me with the leafs because its like punishment watching them play, I can’t stand it when players don’t work and there is a lot of players on leafs that are not working.

  • KomarovsSkates

    As a past fan who has witnessed cup wins in Toronto The problem is and always will be the corporate support of pre purchased boxes and the rabid support of the masochistic fans. No other city in North America would put up with goalies who cannot stop pucks, defensemen who cannot skate backwards and forwards who can’t shot the puck into Lake Ontario. 1. bench the whole team. 2. Bar management from making anymore stupid mistakes by locking them out of the building and 3. Mail the win to the opposing team to save them the plane fare and let the packed arena watch the 67 series on the large screen for the rest of the season. Someone in Toronto might even learn that Tim Horton is not a cup of coffee. Toronto is a joke around the world in sports. it is like a player in Russia being sent to the gulag of Siberia. Hire Eddie Shore as Coach and tie the goalies to the posts with rope.