Leafs at Senators rescheduled for November 9th

I don’t have to tell you why the game was postponed, as we all know what transpired here in the nation’s capital yesterday. 

As Jon noted to me earlier, this is now the Sens’ last home game before Remembrance Day, so that could have factored into the decision on the new date.

This Sunday night tilt will be the second half of a back-to-back for both teams. The Senators host the Jets the night before, while the Leafs are in New York to face the Rangers. 

The rescheduled game will have a 6:00pm EST start. 

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  • Gumby

    Anyone else think that Carlyle was pushing for the postponement in some way so as to screw over Reimer from getting the start in the back to back?

    Saturday’s game will be given to Bernier even though he has done nothing to prove that he is worthy of that start.

    • Plonkswirls

      Carlyle probably didn’t get a say in whether or not the game was postponed, since more than one team was involved. If he did, not playing Reimer was probably the last thing on his mind. Ottawa needs time to recover, and postponing the date of the game is the right thing to do. Although I too, believe that Reimer can push for the #1 spot, it’s preposterous to believe the game was postponed just because Carlyle didn’t want him to start in the game.

      Best wishes to those affected by the tragedy.

    • Plonkswirls

      Its still gonna be a back to back, Riemer will still start that game.

      And maybe he was doing it because there was a terrorist attack and he didn’t want 18, 000 people to all be in one building…

      That was waaaaaaaaay too soon
      you’re disgusting.

    • TGT23

      Except be better than Reimer on the season. Not that your bias can see that or admit it.

      You are seriously cracked if you think Carlyle had anything to do with the postponed game.

    • TGT23

      You just got the Steve Simmons response – lots of hits, all of them angry.

      Because everything HAS to have a reason it happened, Randy Carlyle was involved? Nice conspiracy theory. Of course he did. Hey, any thoughts on 9/11?

      Bernier goaltended lights-out good the last two games. So your storyline is fantasy too

  • TGT23

    I like to know how 2 Reimerfans can get on here, but just so you know that other #1Reimerfan is not thinking right….What happened yesterday was plain awful and my thoughts are with the passing soldiers wife and small child and all is family…..

    As for the game, I am and always will be a huge Reimer fan, and my hope is that no matter what this is going to be a great year for Reims, and no matter how it works out here with RC and the Leafs, it will all be good in the end…

    I Look forward to seeing him play again, till than Go Leafs Go…..