The Steve Dangle Podcast – Oct 21, 2014 – Richard Peddie

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On this podcast, former MLSE boss Richard Peddie joined us to discuss his time with MLSE, what he did, mistakes, regrets, and take our (and your) questions.

  • BubbaLou

    I swear to god if theres like 3 posts in a row, it’s the damn lag

    This whole podcast was really really interesting. Lots of revealing things re. JFJ, Burke (from the bare cupboard beginning to his team making the playoffs – and Burke not being around to see it), the raptors/leafs fusion, how to improve the ACC (damn platinums), Vince Carter and Chris Bosh, Nonis, sports writers, Fans, and the jersey throwing fan, the experience of struggling – the post-lockout leafs and JFJ, the Burke rebuild, the ups and downs of a season, especially how shitty the experience of a MLSE losing day or week in the CEO seat feels like, and a very strong opinion – from the man himself – that the “it doesn’t matter if we win, we’re MLSE” line is utter crap to him. Haters are just gonna hate.

    Asked what is your biggest regret? “Not winning”.

    Asked what is your favourite Pokemon… Why the hell would you ask that to Richard Peddie?????