Leafs name Mark Hunter Director of Player Personnel

Well this is a bit of a surprise, but it’s funny that this move comes at a time when Kadri trade rumors have been emerging, and there’s also coverage of Tavares and Kadri during their London days ahead of tonight’s matchup between the Leafs and Isles.

From the Leafs’ official release:

Hunter, 51, has spent the last 12 seasons as Owner, Vice President and General Manager of the Ontario Hockey League’s London Knights. He also spent a brief time as the club’s head coach during the 2011-12 season, leading the Knights to an OHL Championship and Memorial Cup Final. Hunter led the Knights to a CHL record 31 consecutive wins to start the 2004-05 season. The team would set a total of 13 CHL records that season, which culminated in a record of 79-9-2-0 and a 4-0 win in the Memorial Cup Final over Sidney Crosby and the Rimouski Oceanic.

Hunter now enters the Leafs organization in quite a high-level role. According to the release, he will oversee the team’s player evaluation, pro scouting, and amateur scouting departments. 

The changes in management continue under Shanahan, and you have to wonder how much longer it’ll be before this whole process is complete with Nonis and Carlyle hitting the road. This isn’t a replacement, but it’s clear that the Leafs are going above and beyond to build a stable of smart, accomplished professionals in their front office, and they’re obviously not afraid to pull from the junior ranks to do it.

Just another interesting day in what’s becoming the most active year for the Leafs that I can remember. 

  • jasken

    How come every change the leafs make is interpreted as “Nonis/Carlyle hitting the road”?

    1. Leafs miss the playoffs – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    2. Clarkson is a bust – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    3. Leafs hire Shanahan – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    4. Leafs fire Poulin – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    5. Leafs extend Carlyle – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    6. Reimer is unhappy – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    7. Leafs hire Dubas – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    8. Leafs hire internet bloggers – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    9 Leafs hire some ass GM – I wonder how long before Nonis/Carlyle are gone

    I’m sorry but Kyper, Healy, Cox and Simmons are not even this obtuse with the boy who cries wolf ploy in their leaf coverage

    • Looks like he’ll oversee pro scouting, amateur scouting, and player evaluation departments. He’ll have input on trades and signings. It’s high level.

      I updated the article once his duties started to become clearer.

      • CMpuck

        Cool, Leafs Lunch said that Hunter is a freak for scouting the OHL, is this Shanny reacting to Cherry’s criticism of passing on Ritchie?

        Love that Shanny keeps hitting birdies with these hires.

  • jasken

    Nice they finally added a Director of player personnel that has be open since Rick Dudley left in 2012. It took them only 2 years to refill the position is that a record pace?

  • jasken

    Good hire. Scouting and player development is an area where the Leafs have been sorely lacking. In the past, I have criticized the Leafs for their lack of OHL players. Not because they need more Canadians but rather a reflection on their lousy scouting system. The OHL is their backyard. Why does Chicago find a hidden gem like Andrew Shaw and take him in the seventh round of his third draft year? You would think the Leafs may have noticed him.

    What I want to see is the Leafs hiring guys out of Detroit, Chicago, etc. Not the big names but rather their guys out hunting for talent. Those organizations seem to do a good job.

  • STAN

    A smart move as Hunter’s track record speaks for itself. I have to agree that obviously Hunter will give the province of Ontario more consideration. I mean what a concept.
    Now Shanahan’s next move is firing the A$$es of Morrison, Penny, Watt and the rest of the old boys pathetic scouting staff.

    Hopefully Shanahan will in a nice way be able to convince Cliff Fletcher that 59 years in hockey is a long, long, long time. Maybe they could organize a big retirement party for Cliff where the money could go to a worthy charity.

    My only concern with these new hirings is that poor M.L.S.E. will have to spend a fortune in rennovating the Air Canada center to facilitate the management staff now approaching the size of a military unit.