LFR8 – Game 6 – Gustavss0n – Det 1, Tor 0 (OT)

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Believe it or not I’m being positive!

  • Why aren’t you giving the business to Franson? He was el-Horrible. Tones D zone turnovers, flat footed, the foul up on the icing when he was changing. This guy is not a top pairing D. Robidas in and rotate Dion’s partner. Also, why was is Zetterberg wide open in the last minute of play?

    • ThatLeafsFan13

      Franson had quite a good game last night, the best possesion player by quite a margin. He was at 78% on the night and only had 6 EV strength shot attempts against, very impressive against a team that isn’t Buffalo. While his gap control on the Zetterberg goal wasn’t ideal, he wasn’t the only one at fault. Bernier anticipated the goal to go high or wide and didn’t get over quick enough. Also you notice Bozak floating through the neutral zone? Where’s his criticism? And funny you should say he is not a top pairing D considering he’s gotten the best dCorsi results on the team for quite a while.

    • CMpuck

      Because those things don’t matter, good Corsi means good hockey and having good Corsi is more important than out scoring your a opponent. Wins, loses that’s so old NHL, terrible turnovers? No problem if you shoot the puck towards your opponents net twice for each of those turnovers.

        • CMpuck

          You corsi hacks are like a nagging math teacher that won’t let fans enjoy a win unless you show all your work in getting the solution. If a team won a cup with bad corsi you’d suggest they might as well give it back. Just call it the NCL already.

          • BubbaLou

            But if it’s the NCL now, then the leafs are mediocre in multiple hockey leagues

            Hockey has ebbs and flows of momentum right? When you have it, you do better than when you don’t right? Corsi is a value to track the “pressure” a team, line, or player is generating or not generating. Does it mean if you have all the Corsi you win? No, a single game is too random – you can have all the momentum and somehow still lose. Does it mean if you have all the Corsi you usually win? Yes, you have a good chance to win when you control the game’s pace.

            That’s all it is. Grow up, and start looking at sports with 21st century equipment

    • TGT23

      Wrong. Franson had the highest corsi of any leaf defender last night. He is playing his steady, high IQ and smart high puck possession hockey. And he is taking the brunt of heat form uneducated leafs fans for that poor play in OT by Bernier.

  • The Wings walked away not only with 3 out of 4 points,
    but Kessel must have a very sore wrist and someone
    (i think Ericsson) was pounding with a cross check on Lupul’s lower back.

    I know this is dirty hockey but was intelligently
    targeted against our best players.
    I know JVR got some guy back but it wasn’t against
    Zetterburg or Kronwall.
    The Leafs need a Nuclear deterrent to prevent our stars to be beaten to a pulp.

    The Leafs corps is one of the most non physical defensive corps I’ve seen, during the opposition cycle the most effective way to regain the puck is to have one player to hit the offensive player and separate him from the puck, Pollack is the best Leafs defenseman to do that, and at times he makes intelligent pitches in the offensive zone.

    While we have the ice capades circling our zone
    (Leafs forwards on the Bozak and Kessel lines)
    I would say Pollak should be a fixture.

    Check Pollack ramming player into Detroits net during an offensive pinch,
    to make sure he was not caught on the back check.
    One of the best plays of the game.

    Franson even though he has played better than last year still made a horrible pass to the front of the net -that could of been one goal and on the overtime goal stopped and didnt get out to the point.

  • jimithy

    The ‘almost’ factor is the main motivating force behind the team and the fans. They almost could have, they almost should have, and they almost maybe would have, if only they maybe almost scored and then they would almost certainly maybe have been looking at one, maybe two points, if that could maybe be possible.
    Vive la deadication.

    • TGT23

      Terrible? On a one-time by Zetterberg who was left all alone from just above the circle? Seriously?

      Leafer is Reimerfan, yes? Same guy?

      It’s funny, but for all the talk of Reimer being better than Bernier this season, they have identical .906 SV%. The difference, Goals Against, which has Bernier at 3.33 and Reimer at 2.87 is easily explained by the fact that Bernier faces more shots on average (Reimer 30.5 SA/60; Bernier 35.5 SA/60).

    • Jeremy Ian

      Bernier goaltended to a .967 last night. That’s pretty awesome. If he got any goal support at all, he shuts this game out.

      I think it’s fair to look at his movements on the Zetterberg one-timer critically – maybe it was absentmindedness (but more likely, exhaustion and blood overflow from standing on your head for 60 minutes) but he didn’t really have the same zip going post to post there.

      Franson definitely blundered, too. He covered the center of the ice very well… except Zetterberg, his mark, was more on the wing. Franson stopped up late, in a spot where he couldn’t do anything to mess up the shot (as he was too far away), and on an angle that partially screens Bernier. Having said that, for the previous 64 minutes he was just fine. Pushed possession up ice, took some shots, generally wasn’t slow and dopey. He was okay. Lukewarm. Can’t cheer or blame him, until the end of OT.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve:

    I agree, no panic. But two things to be concerned about.

    1. 4th lina MIA. What’s the point. Frattin less than 3 mins?

    2. L1 is the d-zone still vulnerable to getting hemmed in. Only JvR will scrap along the boards, so the defense has to learn to adjust their positions and hit the right clearing pass.

    Sure, why not rest Polak. Cycling defensemen around might not be a bad idea. Frankly, I think the captain should get the occasional night off, though he’s been pretty solid, all things (his speed in particular) considered.

    The good news:

    1. PK vastly improved. Komarov and Winnik are super.

    2. L3 looks great. Just a matter of time before they get more goals.

  • There’s a great breakdown of the last play by PPP:


    Did you know: Bernier actually deflected that puck into his own net!? I didn’t see that in the broadcast, and surprisingly (or not) nether did Glen Healy, J.S. Giguere, or anyone else on that telecast. Another professional job by Rogers.

    A good point about “the big mistake” as well – this was a writing from Tyler Dellow, one of the original proponents of analyzing hockey differently.

    “If someone asked me what I think the biggest failing of the “eyeball test” is, I’d respond that it’s the emphasis on ‘the big mistake’. There are gigabytes of information contained in a hockey game. So much information that I think it’s difficult for anyone to take it in and organize it rationally. The way that our brains deal with that is by focusing on ‘the big mistake.'”

    Doesn’t matter what sport you’re watching, what work you’re doing – we have known for a while your body suffers from biases that are literally hardwired into how humans think and process data. We categorize. We make an initial judgement and ride it. We focus on singular important events. In doing so, you lose both the big picture and the small details that make it up.

    What’s new is only recently have people tried to remove human bias from sport.

  • TGT23

    As usual a highly entertaining video Steve. A couple of points. I think most intelligent leaf fans, no it is not an oxymoron are totally relaxed with this season. We know that this is not a playoff bound team. That we are totally bogged down with long term bloated contracts that make the likes of Clarkson, Kessel and Phaneuf impossible to move for years.

    Now being a soul out here in God’s country I got to watch Mr. David Booth lay a big fat egg for the Canuck management and fans. But ironically it was one of the Toronto media guys a former player, none other than Jeff Oneil who summed up Booth by stating and I paraphrase here Booth is a guy who appears to still be greatly affected by the concussion problems. He isn’t the driving to the net 30 goal man you saw in Florida. In fact I think he is just going through the motions at this point and quite possibly will leave hockey after this season.

    Booth is a very entertaining guy off the ice as he marches to a different drummer as the Toronto media is finding out. So yeah I tend to agree with Jeff, he just might give up the game and continue his real passion, namely hunting.

    Here is the real concern Steve. Check out the next 15 games. Pittsburgh twice, Boston twice, Tampa Bay, Chicago, a surprising Ottawa club, the Islanders, Detroit again, Colorado and Arizona on the road and Columbus who owned the leafs last year.

    Thanks to abysmal trades of draft picks and hopeless drafting over the past couple of decades, by the way did you notice that Carlyle’s assistants and Nonis assistants got fired but the old boys network of scouts, namely Penny, Watt and Morrison are still safely entrenched misreading the draft lists, the leafs remain in a perpetual rebuilding program.

    One playoff in a decade is indeed an act of magic that even David Copperfield couldn’t pull off.

    Heh it’s going to be a long painful year, but it is like having root canals, you know you need them so you just face the leafs playing their usual brand of hockey. However there is indeed the antidote to the leafs, namely the exciting, talented, winning, playoff bound Toronto Raptors.

    Keep up the great work Steve.

  • TGT23

    Sit Polak, I’ve said it when Gardiner sat his first game. I was surprised to see Percy sitting instead of Polak.

    I’m concerned that Carlyle is already starting to resort to old habits. Honestly how are the fourth line only getting around 6 minutes a game.

    Ashton also needs to get into the line up. We cannot send him down without waivers and he can’t be traded be only seeing press box action. Hopefully with Kozun injured he will get a chance. Kozun had 2 shots in 5 games and both came in the first game. I thought he should have been scratched the game he got injured with a lack of production outside the penalty kill.

    Like Steve said, we take the negatives with the overall positives outside what the records and typical stats/points tell us.

  • BubbaLou

    This is why Sportsnet hired you. Message management and spin. It’s tough for a young guy to bite the hand that feeds you.

    So Clarkson at 5.2 million good, leafs circling the drain good, at least they are better than last year?

    Enjoy that house out in the burbs