LGD: Take These Broken Wings


Is there anything more exciting than a two game win streak?
Apparently a three game win streak is a possibility. The last time the Leafs
had one of these was on March 10th last season. Following that win
the Leafs picked up just six points in the next fifteen games. Memories.

Tonight the Leafs host the Detroit Red Wings to kick off a
two night home and home series to determine who is the most middle team in the
Hotlantic Division. The two game series is also a great chance to reflect on
how awful Jonas Gustavsson was (and still is) and how better off the Leafs
would be now if they chased Long Term Injury Reserve Aficionado Stephen Weiss
in the summer of 2013 instead of David Clarkson.

The Leafs

Projected Lines via
Daily Faceoff

van Riemsdyk – Bozak –

Lupul – Kadri –

Komarov – Santorelli –

Kozun – Holland –

Phaneuf – Franson

Polak – Percy

Rielly – Gardiner

If the Leafs are slotting Jake Gardiner in tonight we might as well  count on a loss tonight since game one and two were entirely on him. We
also already have had our first “Lupul leaves practice early because of an
injury” report so expect to see Clarkson double shifted instead of Kozun or
Panik getting more than 5 minutes tonight if that injury flares up.

The Red Wings

Projected Lines via Daily

Nyquist – Zetterberg –

Tatar – 410dHowjwNL._SY300_ –

Abdelkader – Helm –

Andersson – Glendening
– Miller

Kronwall – Ericsson

Smith – DeKeyser

Quincey – Kindl

First thoughts when I look at this roster is that this Nestrasil player is made up. If you claim to have heard of him everyone will know you’re a liar. Secondly, there is no shortage of key players on the injured reserve. Joffrey Lupul calls this team brittle. GM makes fun of this team for how often they breakdown. Anyway, no Datsyuk is good news for the Leafs. And once Zetterberg pulls something in warm-up we can pretty much write this team off.

Starting Goalies



What to look out for

  • Niklas Kronwall leaving the ice to throw late hits
  • Komarov injuring whatever core players are left in Detroit’s lineup
  • 2 intermissions of discussion about whether Mike Babcock is a good fit for the Leafs coaching job next season
  • Gardiner playing well except for one defensive zone blunder that no one will ever let him forget
  • Nyquist and Bozak competing to see who can maintain their ridiculous shooting percentage the longest
  • A reminder that soon Detroit will be very bad and that will be very funny.


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