LFR8 – Game 4 – The Philash – Col 2, Tor 3 (OT)

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 1.22.24 PM

The Philash triumphs over the Everberg!


  • Bertly83

    Agree completely with the thought that if that fight doesn’t happen, no fights should happen. I said the same thing (albeit to myself in my living room since my wife wasn’t wholeheartedly paying attention…) that there is no use for any more fighting in the NHL if two guys of this caliber are not allowed to go.

    I don’t care about the pluggers fighting anymore.

    It’s all been ruined.

    Remember this day folks, remember this day.

    In sadness I will go eat a pickle.

  • BubbaLou

    This really irks me about Carlyle.

    In terms of TOI, not a single Avs player was below 10 minutes on the Ice.

    Meanwhile, our 4th unit was
    Panik – 4:44
    Holland – 4:31
    Kozun – 5:50

    What the Christ Randy, I thought it was pretty obvious last year that if you really only play 3 lines, you will wear them down to the breaking point by the end of March. Now we have a 4th line of hockey players, plug-free, maybe the best 4th line unit we’ve fielded in half a decade, and he still plays them like their job is to get fives for fighting.

    Please, dinosaur, evolve!

    EDIT: Further down on this page will be a copy troll, who can’t edit posts because his account is 100% fake. Get a life bro

    • Bertly83

      I think the argument for this was that there are a couple days off before Friday’s game and it wasn’t a back to back night so Randy was able to roll the top players more.

      BUT, I agree with not doing this. Once he starts doing this, he doesn’t stop.

      Next step is dressing 7 D and not even having a 4th line.

      He could also be doing this to spite management for not allowing him to play his facepunchers.

      He wouldn’t do that would he?


      also, Horachek’s celly after the win shows the passion he has and how much he cares. let’s stop thinking about babcock. we have a head coach in waiting, with spott as his assistant.

      • Bertly83

        Horachek was actually cheering because he is no longer behind the bench of the florida panthers but rather a team that can sorta kinda play hockey. He seems fun.
        Randy Carlyle barley beat the sense with an all star team on the ice.

        And while Babcock may not be available if Edmonton doesn’t improve we may have Dallas Eakins as an option… It would be like a dream.


  • Hi I am James Reimer of the Toronto Maple Leafs. When my team is in the midst of endless goaltender controversy, I reach for Dilfer Pickles. Dilfer Pickles give me the energy and dexterity to stop any goal.

    Remember: If it isn’t delicious, it isn’t a Dilfer!

  • To answer Steve’s questions..

    I would sit Polak in favour of Gardiner. The kid needs to get back in the game and Polak has had some lapses the last couple games.

    In net, play Bernier first game and Riemer second. Why? Riemer (2-0) deserves to be in net but they will split the back-to-backs. Although Riemer deserves the next game, if Bernier (0-2) wins second game it would be hard to say Riemer gets next game. Thus if you give Riemer the second game it allows “fairness” to continue and Riemer to continue to get the net if he wins. If not, you can go back the Bernier.

    I believe that would be the best case situation for the goalies to not feel slighted.