BozFeed: Which Questionable Leafs Trade Would You Make?


As Leafs fans we often like to fantasize that this team is
one or two trades away from being ready to compete for the Stanley Cup. As a
seven year old I carried a notebook and a hockey almanac around and would
develop what I deemed as fair trades for the Leafs to make in order to ready to
win the Stanley Cup. Most of my ideas were multiplayer deals involving Ed
Olczyk and Vincent Damphousse going to the Penguins for Mario Lemieux or to the
Bruins for Ray Bourque, but I’m still confident that seven year old was still
more grounded in reality than your average HFBoards commenter

It’s likely at one point or another in our sports fandom we
thought we’ve come across the solution to fix the team, and for that reason it’s
time to unleash your inner Floyd Smith (or John Ferguson Jr. if you’re under
the age of 30) and find out:

 Which Questionable Leafs Trade Would You Be Most Likely to Make?

For the purpose of sanity, I assure you the Kessel trade has
not been included as an option. It’s also interesting to look back and see how
rarely the Leafs attempted to acquire a top line center and didn’t have it work
out well.  Finally, the quiz also only goes back
as far as the 1988-89 season, so Ballard unloading star players for peanuts isn’t
factored into this.

Remember to share your shame in the comment section, but go
easy on those of us who traded Rask away. We really thought the Pogge/Tellqvist
tandem was going to be the wave of the future.

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