LFR8 – Game 1 – Bleu Blanc et Fluke – Mtl 4, Tor 3

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.59.08 AM

I’M BACK!!! New season, new look, same mental instability.
The Leafs lost but here’s why that’s OK.

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  • Bertly83

    9 minutes of genuius. love it! And oh yeah those Christmas tml sweaters are on sale online now. Hope you get one for Christmas. Ps im attending my first marlies game this weekend, so excited.

  • So glad these are back, but I just watched it at Laurier with the stupidest grin on my face for 9 minutes. Everyone must’ve though I was insane….I should’ve pulled out the headphones and they really would’ve thought I’m insane.

    ps…the kadri-lupul-kozun line is sooo much fun to watch! the speed they all have

  • Zomgitsdeja

    Steve has found the perfect foil, kind of a Jack Benny is cheap, or Rodney Dangerfield gets no respect. I mean imagine having the opportunity to mock, scorn, ridicule, satirize, a professional, well so called professional sports team year, after year, hell even when Steve was a dream in his parent’s eyes it was wait till next year. What you say that is impossible, no team could be that bad. Okay, Okay some one will suggest the Cubs. But we are talking Hockey here man, Canada’s national institution. But alas there is one such team STEVE FORBES MAGAZINE NUMBER ONE RATED MONEY SNATCHING, GRUBBING TEAM, NONE OTHER THAN THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS.
    Just how good are the leafs especially with that kid who was still wearing his high school grad suit, I think his name is Dubas or something, yeah that kid. He is sooooo smart just ask any analysing up your yin yang geek. He will tell you.

    But seriously young Kyle didn’t Panik, in fact he stole this young player Panik from the San Francisco Giants. Now as soon as the Giants are finished in the playoffs, THAT IS SPELLED P L A Y O F F S for leaf fans he will join the leafs which will be about the same time Phil Kessel will be in shape.

    Isn’t it grand to be a leaf fan, even grander for young Stevereno who is now married and thus has to bring the bread and butter home. After all he gets paid for following the leafs. Sure there are health and safety risks SUCH AS ONE’S SANITY.

  • Zomgitsdeja

    Can we call Kozun “the Tazmanian Devil”. He’s just so fast and small and going to be so sick and…well you get the point

    Also that way we could have a line with Taz and Naz

  • Zomgitsdeja

    Did anyone notice that JVR’s brother, defenceman Trevor van Riemsdyk made Chicago’s opening day roster? They signed him as a free agent out of the University of New Hampshire last May. And Chicago has some very heralded defencemen buried at Rockford in the AHL – Clendening, Johns, Dahlbeck and more. They just lost Leddy but got a great prospect in Ville Pokka. For 25 other NHL teams, these guys would be in the NHL. Last year, the Hawks lost two blueliners who became NHL regulars, Ryan Stanton (Vanc) and Dylan Olsen (FLA), because of the glut of talent.

    So why did Chicago get TVR? Kevin Hayes saw what was ahead of him on the Hawks and Rockford and bolted for NY.

    Chicago has the fourth ranked group of prospects of all NHL teams. Buffalo, ANA and Detroit are ahead of them. The Leafs are #20. Chicago has won two of the last five Stanley Cups while the Leafs made it to the playoffs once in the past decade.

    So when the Hawks do their salary cap purge next summer, they have the talent to reload. As well as getting top prospects and draft choices for maybe Patrick Sharp and Brent Seabrook.

    What really annoys me is the number of OHL players on the LA Kings and Chicago. With the addition of Stuart Percy, the Leafs have now doubled the number of OHL players they have drafted and developed. Kadri is the other one. You would think they would notice more of the talent in their own backyard. The best junior league and source of talent anywhere. You would think they would have noticed Andrew Shaw playing at Owen Sound.

    The Kings like veterans who trained in the OHL – as well as finding young guys there like Tyler Toffoli and Tanner Pearson. With all the money MLSE has, why don’t they do a better job of scouting the OHL.

    Best case for the Leafs this year is to squeak into the playoffs. Unfortunately, that may save Carlyle’s job. I want to see the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. I want them to be able to play the kind of hockey we saw in the WCF last spring between LA and Chicago. I don’t care about this season. I want to see Shanahan build an organization like you see in the Western Conference – finding and developing players, building a team capable of making deep playoff runs every year.

    • Zomgitsdeja

      Great posting and absolutely right about the Hawks and their prospects. Being ranked number 4 in the league while the leafs are ranked 20th speaks volumes.

      But indirectly you probably don’t realize it you hit the nail on the head regarding the leafs problems which sadly SHALL CONTINUE. I realize a lot of leaf fans hope that Shanahan could turn the leaf fortunes around. But think about it, if Shanahan actually had the keys to the executive wash room and thus the power he needed to rectify the good ship maple leaf he would have surely sacked the likes of his scouting staff Dave Morrison, Tom Watt, Steve Penny etc. But nope they are still there, part of the old boys net work which the blue suits and bean counters seem to love. The same goes for Nonis and Carlyle who would have both had their butts kicked out in the vast majority of N.H.L. cities for that infamous choke last season. But nope they are still here, ready to be the fall guys for the Phil Kessels who refuse to be leaders and play a 200 foot game. Then again it was Nonis who gave Phaneuf that crazy contract along with the 7 goal man Clarkson. The leafs have partners in failure when it comes to drafting kids in their own back yard. The Canuckleheads watched two captains of the Vancouver Giants for years and didn’t draft them. A couple of kids named Lucic and Gallagher.