What Would You Do Wednesday – Let’s Start Some Trade Rumours


It’s a hell of a day, people. Not only does the regular season kick off tonight, but we’ve also got a new weekly feature to roll out. Every Wednesday is now What Would You Do Wednesdays, where TLN will describe a fantastical scenario and you, the reader, will let us know how you would handle it in the comments below.

Here’s where it gets fun. Once you provide us with your answer, everybody on the entire internet will read it. Then they will give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Then you will become very famous and popular and all the boys and/or girls at school and/or work will be very attracted to you. It’s that easy.

Ready? Let’s do it.

The Situation


It’s pretty cool that we know what the final roster looks like now, but we are Toronto Maple Leafs fans and we are never happy. That’s not our style. We are about throwing caution to the wind, making a big splash, wheelin’ and dealin’, etc. 

So here’s the deal. You’re now the GM of the Leafs (congrats!), you’re ten games into the season, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter how well it’s going – you want to make a deal. 

Who is the first person you would trade off of the current Leafs roster and why? 

(Keep in mind that nobody will take on David Clarkson’s contract. C’mon. Give your head a shake.)

The Rules

Whoever gets the most props wins, and receives everlasting internet fame and a big hug from yours truly. Whoever gets the most trashes gets laughed at. That’s it.

Have fun and be safe.

    • Kanuunankuula

      I would trade Lupul while his stock is still high and before he breaks down totally and my big deal is

      Bozak for a working toaster for Carlyle’s bagels !

      • Seems cool. Might be a good move at the deadline if Leafs find them outside of the playoff race.

        I’m pencilling in Nylander for second line duty next season. I know they play different wings, but if moving Lupul clears space and opens up room on the roster for incoming youngsters, then it wouldn’t be a half bad idea.

    • I find this to be an interesting thought. Leafs would have to dump a bit of salary and I hate the idea of including a first in what will still be a good draft year, but the Leafs will need to overpay eventually for a true #1 guy.

  • Bozak, Reimer, a second round 2015, and a conditional 1st round 2016 for Evander Kane. Kadri moves up onto the top line, Santorelli moves onto the second, Holland gets the third, Kontiola (or someone from the Marlies) gets the 4th line, we get a bonafide second line winger and that second line becomes scary.

  • nazemkadri43

    I would trade Joffrey Lupul and James Reimer to Winnipeg in excahange for Evander Kane and Ondrej Pavelec.

    This would help the Leafs because James Reimer is from the Winnipeg area. He’d be much more inclined to go there, and it would take away all of the goaltending controversy in Toronto. Pavelec could play a very good backup role.

    The Jets have been looking to move Evander Kane for a while, and a trade with Lupul helps Toronto in many ways. Joffrey Lupul underperformed last season, and hasn’t played a full season with the Leafs. Evander Kane could mesh very well with the top six, and could put up very respectable numbers.

    By the way, I like this new segment and hope it continues on a weekly basis.

  • nazemkadri43

    I would trade 2 second round picks and frattin for two mid 20s two way centers then wait 2 years for nylander to get bettrer so you have nylander and kadri as your 1 and 2 line centers then trade bozak and phaneuf for chara and a second round pick assuming that the leafs are reddy to win the cup and the bruins are reddy for a retooling stage

  • Back in Black

    I think most of you guys misunderstood the question. It wasn’t which unrealistic trade scenario you prefer (three mediocre players for Landeskog, please!), it was simply whom do you first choose to dangle as bait.

    The correct answer, of course, is either Bozak or Lupul. Maybe Robidas or one of the superfluous third liners. If a good young player like Kadri is the first guy you want off the team, I don’t know what to say.

  • The Leafs are going to start out HOT like last year. You make the most of that. You put Lupul back with Kessel and Bozak and rekindle the magic of a couple of years ago when Lupul looked like a machine scoring at over a point a game. Phaneuf starts off with 16 points in the first 10 games. And, Reimer gets into a couple of games and looks like he did to start last season. So you have 3 guys playing way over their head. That’s when you call Nashville and pry Weber from them for Phaneuf, Lupul, Reimer, and a 1st rounder. Then you sign soon to be Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur as our backup. He also will mentor Bernier and take him to the next level as a front line star goalie. Now we have the best all around defenseman in the game in his prime because we sold high and Nashville doesn’t want to continue paying Weber’s extremely high salary for the next decade. Nashville thinks they did great on the return, but later Phaneuf, Reimer, and Lupul come back to earch and the number one pick never plays a game in the NHL. The Leafs, backed by super goaltending and MVP defense from Weber, go on to win the Stanley Cup. “Go LEAFS Go”.

  • If you think you can win now or sometime in the next three years you trade bozak, leivo, and a 2nd for joe thornton. Can still put up big numbers in a worn down eastern conference even at age 35.