Leafs Roster Preview – The Phil

Point-per-game player. Great actor. Assistant coach. Confirmed sex symbol. Philip “The Phil” “The Thrill” Kessel is one of the most exciting players in the league. And he’s a Maple Leaf. For 8 more years.

We are blessed. Praise Be to The Phil.

Last Season

The Phil finished 6th in points (80) and goals (37) last year. He still hasn’t missed a game since returning from the surgery he got before becoming a Leaf. He won best forward at the Olympics.

Praise Be to The Phil.

This Season

He will score a lot of goals. He will get a lot of assists. 

Praise Be to The Phil.

Fantasy Value

His fantasy value is high, as you can see here.

Oh, you mean fantasy hockey? Well in any points-based league, it’s excellent. Don’t just take my word for it, check out our sister site DailyFaceoff.com – they’re the experts.

Praise Be to The Phil.

Praise Be to The Phil.

  • CMpuck

    Really? According to HFboards Phil Kessel is almost as valuable of a talent as Trouba or ROR. We should trade him and a prospect for one of those two soon.

    Given Kessel was kinda invisible in last night’s preseason game, his questionable leadership and the fact he breathes hard after shifts in which he skates twice as fast as his opponents it’s wonder that there may be a trade market for him given his 8 x 8 price tag…

    I suppose we’re stuck with this perennial top ten point producers for 8 years, damn.

  • Colt Knorr

    I love Kessel but I really hope he stops the move where he skates down the boards, cuts in just after the blue line and shoots from the high slot… after watching this video, he scored exactly zero times that way last year and had only 1 maybe 2 that he scored from above the circles.. Hopefully Phil keeps attacking the net and they dont break him and JVR up. GLG.