Introducing BozFeed: Which Leaf Are You?


In my opinion there’s been a problem with the content on The Leafs Nation for a while, people have been putting too much thought into their work. Writers have been doing their best to provide analysis, they’ve been making charts and graphs, they’ve been translating Swedish hockey sites so you can know more about Viktor Loov. Today I am taking a stance against effort, and bringing you a clickbait alternative with the start of a bi-weekly feature called BozFeed. 

For people who were tired of having to think too hard when
Cam was talking about Relative Corsi for players with 45% or lower Offensive
Zone starts you’re in luck, now you’ve got BozFeed!

Was Jeff’s analysis
of the shootout
pushing your brain to hard? Don’t Worry, BozFeed is here!

Was my analysis in..If
HFBoards ran the Leafs
  uhh…CRAP! I guess I was already doing this, but now it has a name.

To start this series off, I’ve put together a quiz, and I’m
not going to lie to you, it’s the most important quiz you’ll ever take in your
life. It’s time to find out Which Toronto Maple Leaf Are You?

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychics, Anthropologists,
Scientists, and Scientologists have all been consulted on the creation of this
quiz to make sure it gives you a 100% accurate answer*.

*this is in no way true

Go forth and discover whether you are a Kessel, a Phaneuf or God help you, a Clarkson. And of course share your results in the comments below.

Look for more hard hitting BozFeed pieces like this which will let
you know the 

  • 9 sloths that best express my Carlyle
  • the 13 gifs that prove Tyler Bozak is like the final season of True Blood
  • or we’ll quiz you to find out if you’re a Scott or
    a Rob Pearson

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