Stickers! Get Your Stickers Here!

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Greetings, fans of LeafsNation! Your ol’ pal baggedmilk here from Nation HQ. Today, I’m here to bring you guys some wonderful news.  No, I’m not telling you that the Leafs will be ending the drought, but I am here to tell you about free LeafsNation stickers! That’s pretty cool, right?



For loyal readers of LeafsNation, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “stickers” tab on the menu bar.  I’m sure you’ve also cursed everyone at Nation HQ for having this tab, on your menu bar, because you were only able to get OilersNation or CanucksArmy stickers. Today, we’ve solved the problem. From now on, you can click the stickers tab, that you’ve hated for so long, and have FREE LeafsNation stickers show up at your door.

What a world!



If you want a set of FREE stickers, just click the tab above and enter your information.  Stickers are sent out at the beginning of the month, so if there’s a delay don’t fret – we will get them to you.  It’s time to show your pride LeafsNation.  We argued long and hard about including you in our free sticker shenanigans, and we voted you in by the slightest of margins.  Basically, we’re saying that we like Leafs fans more than we like Flames fans because FlamesNation doesn’t get ANYTHING.

Sign up and show your pride, LeafsNation. Enjoy!