Tim Leiweke Definitely Maybe Leaving MLSE


There’s a lot of confusion going around the hockey media right now. This will not help you get any less confused, but will at least point you in the right directions to place your confusion.

From Eliotte Friedman:

From Cathal Kelly:

From James Mirtle:

Friedman isn’t exactly one to rumour monger, and rarely misses. He’s also the only person out of these three that works for the same parent company as Tim Leiweke. It’s very odd to see him be lead astray like that. On the other hand, Kelly and Mirtle have quotes directly from the big boss.

In either event, it’s an interesting story. If Tim Leiweke left now, what legacy does he really have? Toronto FC is significantly better, but are far from a finished project. The Raptors look to be improved, but their highest profile free agent signing is Drake (until they totally sign Kevin Durant in 2016). The Leafs have made some promising new hires and signings this summer, but haven’t played a playoff game under Leiweke, nor do they have a winning record. If he’s looking towards “new challenges”, he should probably consider completing the ones he’s already set for himself. 

Unless he’s already pissed off *that* many people at MLSE. That would be something else.

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