Leafs To Present Cup Rings To Alumni


The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t had a Stanley Cup win to call their own in a very long time, and as such, haven’t been able to give out many Stanley Cup rings. Not too long from now, a bunch of former Leafs winners will be presented with shiny new finger fashion. But should we point and laugh?

Maybe not.

TSN’s Rick Westhead went into a bit more detail as to why the Leafs have decided to do this. To boil it down to down to its core; players weren’t often awarded individual rings in the Original Six Era, especially if your team won frequently – they would just alter the first one. This naturally left guys with fewer rings, which means fewer to pass on to family, and a higher chance of losing their material version of their legacy when wearing their jewellery out and about.

For those reasons, it’s a great idea. Not to mention the fact that the Leafs haven’t had the best history of treating their alumni with respect over the years – this is a good way to throw some olive branches and make up for some mistakes in a lot of different cases. It gives yet another opportunity for the fanbase to show their respect, it gives the current team something to cheer for, and it adds a positive moment to Leafs history.

It’s a stark change in pace from the Ballard years, or even last year, when Tim Leiweke looked into taking down vintage photographs from the Air Canada Centre walls. While the current Leafs must always look to the present and future in order to write their own paragraphs in the team’s story, the past can be a great motivator.

Besides, we’re talking about $200,000 here. If that’s all it costs to make a lot of people very happy and a couple of directly involved people a bit more encouraged, that’s an awesome expense to write off.

The rings will be presented to the players on September 5th.