The Steve Dangle Podcast – August 7, 2014 – A Whole New World


On todays episode, the guys talk about all the Leafy stuff that happened while Steve was in California… including all the signings, firings, and Kyle Dubas. They also touch on the interesting Tyler Dellow hiring, and innovation in hockey.

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Cam Charron’s amazing “Moneyball” post

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  • Kmaskelly

    Lol. Steve, I lived in TO for 3 years. How you described driving in LA is word for word how I talk about TO. Brutal roads, traffic, construction, tailgating etc… It’s mayhem! I had a good laugh about that.

  • Kmaskelly

    Pacific Coast highway is nice! Did you drive the Sea-to-Sky between Vancouver and Whistler?

    The nickname used to be the Drive-to-Die for similar reasons before the highway was widened and more barriers added for the 2010 Olympics

  • Gumby

    I disagree with your point about Cam Charron.

    He may be a smart guy (if you say so), but he says a lot of not so smart things about hockey.

    I’ve seen these “lol you’re stupid” attacks on him but in reality there’s a lot of times where someone will make a genuine point and Cam will either post some irrelevant stats that doesn’t really answer the argument or just say something else silly. Sometimes the points made are done so in a rude manner (guilty) but the confidence he has in being so ridiculously wrong does anger some from time to time. You guys call them “the old boys club”, I call them hockey players.

    I think Cam is in the group of people who saw Moneyball and now are obsessed with the idea that a single stat alone can be studied to build a powerhouse team.

    The analytics debate is a very interesting one, but baseball and hockey are nothing like each other. The only similarities are that there are new stats to take into consideration. I also think that a lot of the attitude towards his articles come from his over-use of advanced stats to make points while discounting skills that are pretty important.

    In his last article he said penalty drawing (diving) is more important than penalty killing. He’s also said that every defenseman in the league should be offensive minded (keep in mind the position is called defence). I also believe it was Cam who said that no-one should have done anything to John Scott because if they had just let him beat on Kessel he would have gotten the only penalty and Clarkson wouldn’t have been suspended. No one agrees with Clarkson’s move there, but only a person who’s never played hockey before would be willing to throw your superstar to a monster in the pre-season and think everything will be fine afterwards…

    If I wanted to look through his old stuff I’m sure I can find more examples, maybe this is a good thing. He seems to enjoy writing and it’s clear he doesn’t understand or currently like hockey so perhaps him getting away from writing about it is a win-win here. There’s probably tons of other things to write about but he’s 100% no great hockey mind as you say Steve.

  • Gumby

    The other thing is whoever the other host of this podcast has to realize is that simple shot differential also predicted the leafs regression, and that doesn’t mean that analytics people now know MORE than anyone.

    Stop grasping for invisible straws to overvalue a stat…