• Alley

    Welcome back Steve.

    In your absence Jeffler has been doing a terrific job pumping out content
    or as you say (sunglasses children) “Do his goddamn job!”

    Look forward to the next SDPC and congrats on your wedding.

  • Gumby

    Good video as always Steve, I was also convinced I’d be traded this offseason…

    I’m wondering, who do you think will make up the bottom six at the start of the year?

    In other news, Gumby is blue now.

      • MaxPower417

        JVR – Bozak* – Kessel

        Lupul – Kadri – Booth

        Koma** – Santo – Clarkson

        Frattin – Holland – Winnik

        Konitola – Bodie

        *Because lets be real, they aren’t changing that.

        ** They didn’t pay him 3 mil for the fourth line even if some of the new additions might be superior.

        • MaxPower417

          Yeah I think it’s reasonable to expect a lineup like that. It’s funny to see how the Leafs have improved their depth. By the end of the year, it was pretty widely accepted that Bodie was one of the hardest working forwards in the group and that he was pretty much a lock for the Leafs bottom six. But by nature of how the Leafs management staff have gone about free agency this summer, the Leafs have enough depth that an excellent fourth liner such as Bodie gets pushed off the full time roster. Still love his work ethic though, hopefully there will be a slot for him somewhere if some of these guys don’t pan out or get injured.

        • Gumby

          I like this lineup, my only issue is the way that Ashton gets pushed out.

          Not that I think he’s more deserving than any of the above players, I was just looking forward to him progressing this year.

          But a lot of new faces, it’s hard not to get a bit excited (even though it’s August)